summer days…

busy days…

brain dead…but I have hope.

The serenity of coloring should bring me back to life ūüôā

colored hope

picture from "31 days of coloring hope" by me :) and colored by me :)
Book to be released on Amazon soon!!



The one thing I am going to do today to get back my mojo

It has been a month….


Have you ever promised to do something? Make a change? Be consistent? And then fallen flat?

Yes, it has been a month since I last posted,  actually a bit longer I think. Did I finish my manuscript? No. Did I write ANYTHING since that last post. No.  Life happens. And as life happens, my inspiration goes right out the window with the first  passing squirrel.

Can you relate?

So here is the one thing that I am going to do today to get back my mojo:

I’m going to leave the comfort of my chair.

It doesn’t sound very inspiring does it? ¬†But it can be. ¬†Here’s the thing…I work from home. Sometimes a week will go by without ever having left the comforts of my abode, and comfort sometimes can be an inspiration killer.

Seeing the same four walls

Breathing the same stale air

Doing the same routine activities

Talking to the same boring people…oops, did I just really say that? ¬†Their not boring, really ūüėČ

Actually if I got out more, I think they might not¬†be…so here goes.¬†

Out of the chair and into the wild to gather up what I have apparently lost. ..my mojo.

where will I find it?

 I think maybe in a garden among the emerging flowers and plants that are calling for a gardeners touch.

Or is it at the park, down by the river that carries the  spring polliwogs to marshy bank homes.

Quite possibly it may be hiding  beneath that tree in the woods that always cultivates the morels that appear beneath its branches.

Where ever it is, I believe that the sojourn  I undertake will bring me to a place where creative ideas are born Рand that is the idea. I may not find it today, or tomorrow, but I know that somewhere in the process, my long lost friend will return.

Take one step today toward rediscovering your mojo. Get up, step out, and find out where it has been hiding.

Your stories will thank you!