I tend to think of myself as a newby writer, although I have been writing for another blog for nearly 6 years.  It is a different type of writing than what I do here, but 6 years none-the-less.

As I watched a fledgling bird the other day, trying out its newly sprouting feathers, it occurred to me that we were similar in our desire to stretch out and use what God has given us; the fledgling bird and the fledgling word.

Ergo the title wordlings – for this is what I feel like, a fledgling worder…in this genre of fiction.

Is this you? well, you are in good company.  Why don’t we traverse these skies together?  Give me a quick follow, and I will do the same.

As sparrows (mostly solitary birds) establish family groups, so should we.  Families help each other (well, generally) and  are great traveling companions because you can trust them (mostly-at least when it really counts :). So, I will do what I can for you wordlings and  leaving my foraging’s for you to glean from, and I hope to glean from your experiences as well.

So what do you say wordlings? Wanna take flight?

Here is my newest foraging: Do you need a better word for something that is happening in your newest writing project and a book of synonyms  just isn’t getting it?  This morning I was looking for a way to show how words can inflict pain, and my normal trails of inspiration just weren’t inspiring me.

My son calls this wording, and most often in the sense that he can’t “word”. I find this most frustrating when he has an English paper due, and I am trying to encourage him to write it. He says “I can’t word today”


Anyway, off the rabbit trail…

I discovered a great source of words that I hadn’t thought of using before.  You can put in a phrase and ask for a word to come out that fulfills that meaning and there it is, because sometimes you only have a  descriptive phrase of what you are looking for.

It is a crossword puzzle solver’s website – {who knew?}

Here is the web address: http://www.the-crossword-solver.com/

I hope that it helps!

Looking forward to “meeting” all of you wordlings out there!

Your turn: What is your favorite source of synonyms?



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