Publishing soon….

Step out of stress and busyness into the peace and serenity of color aided meditation. Each of the 31 pictures features a word to focus on while you color. The flip side of the page gives the artist a bit of encouragement and a corresponding verse from scripture to delve a bit deeper. The smaller and simpler format allow for a quicker on the go completion of the artwork. In this busy fast paced world, we all need to carve out moments in our day to explore what is inside us, and shut out the noise that steals our peace. 31 days of hope will do just that, bring hope to those moments and clarity to your thoughts. Once completed, share with a friend who needs a word of encouragement.
I’m so excited to have my first coloring book coming out soon. It has been quite a journey for sure, and I’m thankful that it is all coming together.  Funny, this one hasn’t even published yet, and I am already planning the next one 🙂 I truly love sketching…and then the encouraging that goes along with this type of coloring book keeps me inspired.  Excited to see what God has in store next!

Still working on my fiction titles….that seems to be a much longer process, so it may be a bit….it’s taking shape nicely though!!

So….my question is this….what do you think of the description….not sure I’m all in on this. Something doesn’t sound right. It has been such a busy few weeks that my brain just isn’t working as it should.  So I thought I would reach out to the blogging world here and get some opinions….

This title will be available on July 22nd….if everything goes well with the proof. I will be running a pre-sale in about a week, with perks if anyone is interested.

Stay tuned  for more information!!





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