National Coloring Book Day is here!

National Coloring Book Day

{This activity begins at 8:00}

Honestly, I have never heard of this holiday before, but as soon as I published my newly released Adult coloring book 31 Days of Coloring HOPE, there it was….a reason to celebrate!

So celebrate we shall!

Today is going to be a day filled with fun, and freebies galore….and don’t forget the virtual food! Let’s start off with a cupcake….because everyone needs a cupcake for breakfast! {cue the virtual cupcake}

Selective focus on the chocolate cup cake

This is a short piece of fiction….shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes or so to read it.  At the end there will be a challenge for you to participate in to win a prize.

Here is the prize: One set of color-able bookmarks download. You just print them off on card stock and color away! These are great for marking your place in a current read, or you can color them and give away to a friend.  However you choose to use them is up to you.

great idea #1 after you color them, laminate for lasting beauty!

31 bookmarks page 1

31 bookmarks page 231 bookmarks page 3





Here is the fiction:

THE COLORING BOOK –by: lisa evola

Tears fell upon the pages that she clutched desperately in her hands. Tears of grief. Tears of relief. To cry them tore her heart in two, but in tandem soothed her soul. Never before had Freya felt the hopelessness that she was feeling now. As the memory of her mother blazed brightly in her mind, the tears fell harder. Then remembering the book, the one that her mother had given her just this morning, she pulled it back from her chest in horror. The tears had soaked the pages causing ripples in the tender leaves, and Freya worried that they would tear, taking from her the last gift she would ever receive from her.
Tenderly she caressed its cover, remembering how pleased her mother was at her joy of receiving such a gift. She had given it to her just this morning before she left for school. As Freya sat down to her usual breakfast of oats with honey, the beautifully wrapped package appeared over her shoulder along with a kiss on the side of her head and “happy birthday” whispered in her ear. She had protested. Money was very tight and she knew that her mother wasn’t working many days this week. It would be a struggle just to put food on the table. Gifts were not something that was often considered.
But this one was special. Her mother had created it herself from the recycled paper that she loaded on the trucks down at the mill each day. She brought pages home every now and then, pages that had visual interest or a pleasing texture. Freya remembered asking her about them, why she was bringing them home. She just liked them, she said and tucked them away in the roll top desk that had belonged to her grandmother.
As she carefully unwrapped the gift, her eyes went wide with excitement. It was a coloring book. And one of the most unusual coloring books she had ever seen. She could see how her mother had put together the pages with parts taken from many different pieces. How she managed it, she couldn’t tell, but it was an amazing display of beauty, each page its own piece of artwork, unique and waiting for color to complete its metamorphosis.
Then her mother pulled 3 pencils from her pocket, one each of the primary colors, and set them beside her plate. “I know that you can blend these to create every color under the rainbow,” she said. “I’m sorry that there couldn’t be more…” But Freya was already in motion, flinging her arms around her mother’s neck with tear filled eyes.
“I love it all,” she exclaimed between sobs. “I couldn’t have imagined anything better in all the world.” She had held on tightly then. But had she known that it would be the last moments she would ever spend with her mother, she never would have loosed her arms at all.
She cried then with renewed fervor. Never again would she feel the comfort and strength that those arms brought; the love and acknowledgment that came with their embrace. As her tears loosed upon the open page of the coloring book, through bleary sight Freya noticed something odd. As each tear dropped upon a portion of the page, color appeared, vibrant and spalted, like ink drop from a quill. The color ran quickly through the design, changing in intensity and hue as it traveled from one portion of the artwork to another. When it stopped, the image left behind was transformed into something surreal.

Here is the challenge:

Choose what happens next in this story.  I have 3 ideas below as to how this story could proceed.  Choose one then respond in the comment section with # 1, 2 or 3. If you have a better idea, I would love to hear it!  Leave your idea in the comments and if I choose your idea you win…

what happens next?

1.The page reveals a picture of her mother’s face looking back at her – Comfort fills her and she knows then that her mother will always be with her. Every time she needs to feel hope, her tears transform the pages before her, showing her exactly what she needs to see.

2.Words emerge within the picture, flowing and changing, as though spoken from her mother’s lips, letting her know that she will be alright. Freya finds that she can talk to the pages as though to her mother herself, and the pages talk back, revealing her mothers wisdom. She never needs to be alone again.

3.The coloring book sucks Freya in, and there in the picture she stands, next to her mother, together – forever. And they are both smiling.



All winners of all the days events will be announced at the end of the festivities (like 8:00 or so 🙂

All comments today will be entered for a free copy of 31 Days of Coloring HOPE!

Good Luck!


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Did you miss anything? here are the links for today’s festivities:

Here are the festivities that are scheduled: Eastern time zone

8:00–10:00   Short fiction read + choose the ending challenge for a prize (full set of 31 days bookmarks)

10:00–12:00       Coloring Challenge – download and color the page created just for this event. Upload your picture to the events facebook page, or share on pinterest twitter, and Instagram using #31daysofcoloringHOPE. Then leave a comment letting me know. Every participant will receive a downloadable bookmark of their choice to color

12:00–2:00        Purchase the pdf download of the book ($4.99) and receive a free laminated and colored in bookmark (colored by the author). Every purchase is a winner! Bookmark of your choice-

2:00-4:00           Inktense tutorial and purchase perk – come and see how these amazing watercolor pencils work.  You will love the vibrancy with which they shade in your drawings. Use of a blender pen will also be discussed in this short video tutorial. The purchase perk for this block of time is a free limited edition print with any purchase. Choose from a physical book, the pdf download or the 31 days of bookmarks.

4:00-6:00          Buy 1 get 1 free!  Buy a 31 Days coloring book and receive a second free to give away to a friend. That is what it is all about, encouraging others to find HOPE.

6:00-8:00          $5 book sale – For these two hours only I will be offering 3 Days of Coloring HOPE for only $5 plus shipping ($2.60) This is $3.99 off of the list price. Order here on my website, or on the Amazon page here: 31DAYS

All-Day         Leave a comment, share a post, invite a friend to the party and you will be entered for a free copy of 31 Days of Coloring HOPE.



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