…to wrap it all up….


Good Morning my budding artists!

I hope that everyone enjoyed the National Coloring Book Day festivities. I am awake…sort of….and I will now announce the big winner:

drum roll please……

Ruth Snyder!

Ruth’s comment on the short fiction was this: Congratulations on your launch, Lisa! For the story, I would go with the first option. In my mind, that option would give comfort, and is more realistic than option 3. Option 2 is good as well, but there is something about seeing the face of a loved one that is more powerful than words.

The first option was this:

1.The page reveals a picture of her mother’s face looking back at her – Comfort fills her and she knows then that her mother will always be with her. Every time she needs to feel hope, her tears transform the pages before her, showing her exactly what she needs to see.

I think I am actually going to use a combination of numbers 1 and 2 Ruth, as I think you are correct that the face of the loved one is more powerful, but the words changing and shifting will build a fuller story. – so the two combined I think will be a great option.

Did you miss the story and want to read it now?  Check it out here

Ruth’s prize is a downloadable set of 31 Days bookmarks and a copy of the coloring book, 31 Days of Coloring HOPE.  I will be sending you an email Ruth with your bookmark download, and a request for your address to ship out your coloring book!

Thank you so much for spending the day with me!!!

Till next year you coloring book fans…

….back to writing stories….


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