HOPE – Write 31:Day 1

hope(click on the above picture to download the pdf file to print. please see use restrictions here:   )

“Hope… is the vital ingredient in life that is so often missing. It is what keeps us going when difficult circumstances surround us. Hold unswervingly to the hope that is available to you through the Lord. “{Hebrews 10:23}

1 month

31 days

That is what he was given.

To reflect. To love. To make amends.

To live out what he was sent here to accomplish.

The diagnosis came not long ago. Tiny things unseen were doing battle within; unbeknownst to him. A war was being waged without his knowledge…or permission for that matter, and he was losing…he didn’t even have a chance to fight…to HOPE for the best.

But HOPE he shall, for there is always hope when we focus on who God is and how much He loves His creation. Hebrews 10:23 says He is faithful.

We have this HOPE as an anchor for our soul (6:19) and it is what grounds us when nothing else makes sense anymore.  I’m sure, for him – life has taken a turn into the twilight zone; a place where nothing is as it seems, and threatens to never be again.

I wish that I could say that believing in God’s love would keep him, and all of us, from pain, suffering, disappointment, but that would not be the reality of this world. Can He heal His faithful if we ask Him to?

Absolutely!  He is God.

But for reasons unclear to my weak human understanding, He doesn’t always choose that.


Why do young people with promise, die every day? 

Why are there destitute souls on our streets, who didn’t choose their fate?

Why do the faithful suffer needlessly?

I wish I knewa question for when I am standing one day before the throne.

Until then I chose to hope, and offer hope.

Sometimes that is all there is. And I believe this is that ever important moment when our souls intersect with God’s. When we ask those questions; plead on another’s behalf…or our own.

I don’t know what to say in this situation. I don’t know how to express how much my heart hurts for what hurts others. I don’t have any fathomable idea of what words I could possibly offer except that my Lord Jesus sits on the throne. And no matter what happens to me or anyone else in this life, He is waiting with open arms to welcome home those who love Him.

And that is all the HOPE I need.

colored hope

Did you like this post? There are 30 more to come in October. Whew! that is going to be a lot of writing for me, and reading for you.  I promise to try to keep some short, some sweet, but all inspirational to go out and offer some hope to the world around you.

If you liked this, please consider sharing it with a friend.  Post it on your facebook page, twitter feed, pinterest, instagram…where ever you think someone can use a little HOPE. Don’t forget to click on the picture above to download the pdf version of the HOPE picture.  Color and share, or enjoy yourself.

God bless your day!


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