MIRACLES – Write 31:Day3


“Miracles…are possible when you leave it all up to God. Letting go of our own “can do” attitude gives Him room to work.” {Mark 10:27}

I’m a DIY girl, especially if it is something creative, or requires massive amounts of money that I simply don’t have. About 17 years ago my husband and I bought an almost 200 year old house.  Needless to say, it was going to require some work.  My then young self said, “We can do this!” 17 years later we still stand around scratching our heads wondering how in the world we got ourselves into this.  it has been not only a labor of love, but  also of frustration, anger and a drain both mentally and financially. My husband often remarks how we could have probably built an entirely new house for the amount of time and money that we have invested.

Yet still we persist.

As much as I would like it all to be done, I have learned, and continue to learn, some very important lessons in the process. Mainly that when I am totally at the end of my strength and ability to accomplish something…

God shows up.

Most recently we had decided to replace a portion of the roof that had been leaking. We had been patching portions as we found them over the last couple of years, but no matter what we put on, the winter thaws and relentless spring rains continued to push the water into areas it didn’t belong. To say that we had reached the end of our rope would be an understatement.

We knew a new roof had to be put on, so in an effort to save money, we began to plan what to use and how to proceed with that plan for this small area of the roof.  Even doing the work ourselves promised to be more than we could handle.

Then my husband felt a small drip hit the top of his head…on the other side of the roof. The diagnosis was catastrophic. We would need a whole new roof.


What started as a $4,000 project, quickly became a $22,000 impossibility.

As we started to look for financing, the thought of taking on a payment like that was depressing. Work for me is sporadic and much of what I do doesn’t bring the benefit of money to the family at all. But this was the home that God had given us to take care of. And doing that, we feel, is an act of worship.

We found financing through a couple of different options and the roof was replaced. And although we have had to tighten belts, I know that God has brought us to this place of reliance for a reason. Through our own strength and ability to provide, we would never see the everyday miracles that happen in our lives. The things we count as luck or coincidence, are often the very things we miss.

The money that shows up out of nowhere, right when you need it

The rain that holds off until you have finished planting your rose hedge (Thanks God!)

The work that comes in right on time, just as bills come due

The friend who delivers a meal on the very day you needed it most

These are everyday miracles

Do you recognize them?

If we are constantly trying to accomplish everything on our own, not only do we miss out on what He can and does do in our lives, but also get in the  way of the huge supernatural miracles that He wants to do.

Do you need a “feed the 5000 with 2 loaves” moment in your life?  He desires to give it to you. Maybe what you need to do is nothing. Stand back and let Him work.

It may not always look as we expect or would like it to, but if we can keep our eyes open I believe we will see the everyday miracles, and then the supernatural ones aren’t far behind.

I don’t know about you, but that gives me HOPE.

Did you like this post? There are 28 more to come in October. Whew! that is going to be a lot of writing for me, and reading for you.  I promise to try to keep some short, some sweet, but all inspirational to go out and offer some hope to the world around you.

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