DREAMS – Write 31:Day 6


“Dreams are a gift that God places in our hearts, and they are bigger than we could ever imagine.” {Ephesians 3:20}

Ever since I can remember, I have dreamed of being an artist.

As a child I liked to imagine all of the things I could do, create, be. Art was an integral part of my life no matter what I did. When I was with my friends we would imagine worlds where we were someone else – living their lives and experiencing their realities. As I dreamed alone, the books I read or the stuffed animals I played with became my creative outlet. Books especially transported me into another world and gave me perspective and sometimes the words that helped me define who I was.

As I grew older my creative world took a back seat to life as it crashed into the shore of my reality. For years I set aside those creative desires in favor of family, friends and life in the now. I didn’t realize it until recently that every endeavor of my life was in an effort to find my way back to who I was. But I was never able to capture the essence of it, and my true dreams were buried deep.

But if we push our dreams aside – do we lose a part of ourselves in the process?

Those dreams, desires, and some admittedly awkward quirks, are who we were made to be.  It was how we were created by the Master Artist Himself.

To deny our dreams is to deny our very being.

My children are mostly grown now, and the nest keeps threatening abandonment… and truly I feel a bit of sadness.  But as that emptiness invades, another sort of filling is occurring – a rediscovery of my creative side. The tools and media that I have longed to explore for so many years has slowly been infiltrating my days, and within them I am discovering again: myself.

Can I encourage you?

I don’t know what stage of life you are in right now, whether alone time is at a premium, or your days are your own, but spend some time today rediscovering your dreams. Even 5 minutes. Carve out a piece for you even if it is to simply daydream about the possibilities. Those dreams were placed there for a reason by your Heavenly Father who knows you best. They are a pathway to your future happy, the conduit for discovering who you are in this vast beautiful world that we live in.  They are the gift that you have always been wanting, the one that will satisfy you beyond anything you could ever imagine.

Those dreams begin to make sense when considered along with the Source of them – with the One who placed them within you. It is in the intimacy of that relationship that all of the pieces will fall into place. Your dreams will become the reality of exactly who you were always meant to be.  And the HOPE for your future will blossom in its discovery.

He knows who you are – do you?

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God bless your day!


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