TRUST – Write 31:Day 7


“Trust is knowing that no matter what we see before us, the path is sure and leads to God’s side. He is faithful.” {2 Corinthians 5:7}

I have trust issues

Most people probably do

It only takes one or two bad experiences to cause a callous to form in any given area. I remember when my daughter was only four, we had a wood stove in our house as the central source of heat in winter. I constantly worried and fretted over the possibility of burns. At four years old, children are immensely curious and want to touch everything. I followed her around everywhere redirecting her attention to other things when she appeared to be entirely too interested in the stove.

Despite all my efforts, one day she grabbed hold of the door while I was stuffing more wood inside. Let’s just say, she never touched it again. It was just a quick touch so the burn wasn’t too severe, but it definitely left a mark on her hand -and her heart.  She learned that trusting her own desires would fail, but that trusting her parent’s love for her was fail proof.

The years that followed that incident unfortunately brought with it more choices, more experiences, more hurts – more callouses. The troubles she endured, both deserved and unmerited, changed her. Each hurtful word rubbing a tender portion of her heart until a thick skin formed. Unfulfilled desires hardening the HOPE solid within her. Till she couldn’t see it any longer.

I’ve formed callouses of my own. Nothing like a lifetime of anger and disappointment to thicken up that thin skin of yours. Can you relate?

Then I met my Savior. And I learned to trust that:

  • No matter what happens with others, He will always be there for me.
  • Regardless of what my reality is now, He has an awesome future all planned out.
  • Even if this world rejects me, He has a seat saved for me right by his side.
  • When it appears no one else loves me, He does – and that will never end.

We don’t need to hold on to our trust issues. Put your trust where it belongs: in an ever-loving, faithful, unchanging God –and He will turn your stony heart back into one of flesh and restore HOPE to your life.


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God bless your day!


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