COURAGE – Write 31:Day 8


“It takes Courage to traverse much of what this life offers. God walks each step with you so fear is unnecessary. His presence will make you strong. {1 Chronicles 28:20}

Resolve is what I woke with this morning

I surveyed the yard, appreciating all of the changes I had implemented during the summer. A new pond, rose hedge bordering the front walk, pile of wood split and stacked, and the area in front of our barn straightened up. Then my eyes fell upon the side yard: the flowerbeds that still needed weeding, the patio that had not yet been completed, the unpainted siding – defeat threatened to slip into my resolve.

Courage manifests itself in many forms.

Difficult situations such as sickness and war are the initializing factor for many people we would consider courageous. I have a friend who has cancer – two in fact. Every time they walk through the doors leading to treatment they have to muster up courage. Each test result requires its own form of resolution, especially if they have to relay words to family members. And facing the morning sun with something other than fear is probably more difficult than we could ever imagine.

I wish to in no way negate their struggle or what it takes to accomplish what they do, but I think it is easy for us to look at those with obvious mountains to climb and empathize with them, to say that they indeed are courageous people. But I’ll bet if you really thought about it – so are you.

We all have our own mountains to face (or flower beds), and although in comparison it may not feel worthy of the word courageous, we still have to muster it up in order to do as we may not feel so inclined to do, or feel qualified for.

  • A single parent may question whether they have what it takes to raise their kids alone after losing an income source that was barely keeping them afloat before.
  • The girl with chronic migraines might ask herself whether she will ever feel pain free again.
  • And even the writer who faces a blank page every morning has a fear that their muse is lost.


Our struggles may seem insignificant to someone else, but that is only because they aren’t the ones living through them. Your struggle is real and it matters. When you manage to find the strength to face your fears and accomplish your goals, you are actually mustering up courage – and in gathering that courage, hope for success follows.

Here’s the thing: HOPE and Courage go hand-in-hand. One without the other will leave you stippled in fear and immobilized. If you have the courage to begin something but have no hope to finish it, defeat is immanent. And on the flip side, if you have grand hopes for the future, but lack the courage to step outside your door to achieve what you must, I doubt much will materialize. But when courage and hope work side by side, fear is relinquished and our tasks shrink in size as, step by step, the wall is built – or torn down as your case may be :}

Be courageous. Do the work. Your reward is waiting for you.

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God bless your day!


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