FOLLOW – Write 31:Day 11

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“To Follow means to walk closely behind. See what they see, do what they do. It is the imitation of a path well walked. Jesus did it right…follow Him.” {John 13:15}

I tripped and fell flat with a big “UMPH!”

There, following so close behind me that her feet were my feet – was our lovable Lab, Melody. She had followed me into the kitchen, probably thinking that I was doing something fantastic with food, and she totally wanted some! Her stealthy steps fell into line with mine, but she didn’t anticipate that my brain would send me back for the coffee cup I had left in the other room. Hands flung forward and a yelp escaped both my lips and hers.

I hate to say it, but I was aggravated. Ever since this puppy showed up at our house, I have been unable to walk alone…or cook for that matter. But the loving and trusting look on her face, melted my heart. And I realized that she just loves us so deeply and wants to be with us so desperately, that our steps have become hers. She wants to be where we are, do what we do. Be a part of our day – intimately.


We could certainly learn a lesson from these faithful creatures.

  • Trust
  • Faith
  • Unconditional love

Their ability to focus on their master is commendable and worthy of a closer look. What tidbits of wisdom can we glean from these amazing creatures?

  1. A faithful dog relies on their master for food – When was the last time you saw a dog standing at the stove, mixing up a pan of scrambled eggs? Like never! They trust that when it is time, their bowls will be full of nourishment. And let’s not forget the occasional treat. Are you expecting nourishment to be there when you need it? Maybe you should. And don’t forget to look for those spiritual “treats” that are thrown in from time to time for good measure.
  2. A faithful dog relies on their master for comfort and love – If you have ever petted a dog that doesn’t belong to you, you will know that you have just made a friend for life. That dog will follow you around everywhere sucking up every petting opportunity that you are willing to give. If the dog does belong to you, rest assured, they will never leave you alone. Your love is life to them and they will follow you forever for it. We have unconditional love available to us from our Master. Are you following close enough to feel His hand upon your head? To receive the “well done good and faithful servant”? If you haven’t heard this, step a bit closer.
  3. A faithful dog relies on their master for purpose – A good dog knows its place. They know where to go at night when the rest of the family sleeps. They understand their limitations as to what they can play with and what they can’t (well some do anyway). A good dog knows where to leave their “poo” and happily wags its tail as it goes about his business. Wow, even in the poo of life this creature is happy. When was the last time we approached a task with such joy, tenacity and purpose.

We can certainly take a tip or two from “man’s best friend” on how to follow closer in the steps of our Savior along the path that He forged for us to follow.

  • Follow closely
  • Enjoy the treats
  • Rest in His love
  • And be joyful in your tasks.

HOPE is found along the well-worn path.

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God bless your day!


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