PURPOSE – Write 31:Day 12

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“Purpose certainly makes life worth living. God has given you this desire for His delight and will surely hold you up when you stumble on the path.” {Psalm 37:23}

“I want to be a doctor.”

She was emphatic in her claim. She knew what she wanted – admirable. I smiled sweetly at the six year old face, set and determined before me. I gave her a “that is so cute” pat upon the head, and continued my conversations with the adults gathered around.

Flash forward twenty-two years, and this little six year old girl is indeed a doctor.

I’ve always envied those who recognize exactly who they are and what they want.  Especially so if they know early on what they want to be when they grow up.  I still don’t. It freaks me out some times that I change professions almost as often as clothing – well maybe not quite as much as that, but you get the idea. What makes one person know with certainty what they will do with the rest of their lives (and at the ripe old age of six!), and another enters midlife with absolutely not a clue?

I used to think that the problem lay with me.

  •  I want too much.
  • I get bored too easily.
  • I’m lazy.
  • Scattered.
  • Stupid.

For years I viewed it as a handicap – my inability to commit to a lifetime goal. But I’ve come to realize a few things recently that has changed my perspective:

  1. God made me exactly how I am – and for a reason. Who am I to say that He made a mistake? He has equipped me with exactly what I need to accomplish precisely the plan He has for my future. I can’t imagine at this point what that must be but just because I don’t know what that is in this moment, doesn’t mean that I don’t have a purpose.
  2. God’s plans have perfect timing – This morning I read again the story of Sarah and how she became a first time mother at the age of eighty-nine. Did you get that? Eighty- Nine! The prelude to this miraculous fulfilling of a promise of purpose, is a life of faith. Doing the everyday tasks exactly where she was. Keeping their home, tending the garden, cooking the meals, caring for the workers. Sound familiar? God waited until there was no doubt that it was Him. His power. His purpose. His perfect plan, in His perfect time.
  3. Just because I don’t have a precise objective, doesn’t make what I am doing any less important – The beauty of this is that every day is a learning experience. I know that everything I traverse in the regular traveling’s of my day will equip me; bring me closer to that right-on-time miracle of God. No matter how seemingly insignificant the daily tasks are, they all work together to prepare me for what comes next.

Not having a specific commitment has left my life open for the calling of God. I view it as “purpose-in-training”. At any given moment I will be able to say “Yes, send me!”  Having PURPOSE is truly something that we all want and search for, even those who don’t follow God feel this.  We want to know that our lives matter, and that we are doing something that makes a difference. But please realize that my purpose won’t look like your purpose. Just because I’m not saving lives every day in a hospital doesn’t make what I was made to do any less important. All of our purposes – every single one – work together to fulfill His purpose.

And that is what brings me HOPE.

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Don’t forget to click on the picture at the top of the page to download the pdf version of the PURPOSE picture.  Color it and share, or enjoy yourself.

God bless your day!


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