LOVE – Write 31:Day 13


“Love is the one thing that can destroy evil. It can change a life, and restore balance to a dying world. Loving God must come first. From there you will see real change.” {Deuteronomy 6:5}

I heard a story once of a child who sat watching a chick hatch from its egg.  Maybe you have heard this story before?

– As the chick began to emerge from the shell, the child noticed that it struggled to peck its way through to the outside world. Many minutes passed as the child watched patiently. Finally she could take it no longer. The child reached out her finger and pulled a large piece of the shell loose effectively making a way for the tiny chick. The child smiled to herself, satisfied that she had helped this little creature to be born, and she just knew that they would be bonded together for life because of her love for the chick and her efforts to help.

Indeed the chick emerged from the shell, but a couple of hours later, the newborn chick died. The child was devastated. She cried and cried to her mother. “What happened? I helped it to be born and I loved it so much, why did it die?” She was so sad that her “baby” had not lived. The mother comforted her child the best she could.  She knew as she watched her daughter help the chick that it would not turn out well in the end. But she had allowed the lesson to continue.

Now, as she consoled her weeping child, she explained just what had happened. “When a chick is being born, it is important for it to peck its way out of the shell all alone. Even though it takes a tremendous effort and is exhausting to the hatchling, it is through this effort that its lungs are developed, making them strong enough to do what they need to do for the rest of the chicks life. Letting the chick be born all by itself is a great expression of love because you are giving them what they need to survive.”

I have a chick.

And I have to admit, I have spent a significant amount of time pulling pieces of shell away, opening up areas in order to make the birth a bit easier. Yet through all of this peeling away of the tough, the unsavory, the challenging, this chick does not seem to be thriving. Little wonder. The mother hen in me wants to make things easier, imagining that it means that I love more completely, more deeply. But all I have done is to weaken the lungs. I’ve made breathing in this world a much more difficult task than it ought to be.

Oh, I know that we live in a cruel and challenging world, and we love our “little chicks” so much that we want to protect them from danger and hardships. But one day they will have to emerge on their own into that harsh environment and without the lung capacity, can they make it? Maybe the most loving thing we can do is to push them out of the nest. Let them struggle to be born. Give them the best chance to survive outside the shells that we’ve kept them incubating in for so long.

It grieves my heart to watch it. Like it did the child’s in the story.

Like it does God’s.

Love doesn’t always look like cotton candy and sunshine. Sometimes it looks like letting them fail. It is in those deep desperate places that we find God reaching out His hand. If we are always reaching out ours, will they ever look for His?

So I find myself today, repenting of my perceived good deeds. I’ve come to the end of myself and the end of my unwitting desire to kill my hatchling. I will watch from close by of course, and encourage the chick to peck for the sky. And I will love deeply and desperately as I watch this life change and become stronger, restoring balance to their little part of the world. I see the outstretched arm reaching as I pull mine back, and I know that one day she will breathe.

Do you know someone who is struggling for air?  I would love to pray with you. Leave a comment.

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God bless your day!


2 thoughts on “LOVE – Write 31:Day 13”

  1. Good illustration and writing. Patiently waiting for loved ones to be born is a growing experience and can be somewhat agonizing. I see a beautiful heart filled with love for others. I appreciate your gift, Lisa. These posts have been encouraging to me.

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