Longing for the Quiet – Write 31:Day 16

quietIt is in the Quiet moments of its life that a butterfly finds the strength to become what it was always meant to be. A great lesson can be learned there. (Isaiah 30:25}

As I sit here writing, puppies toss and tumble around me, each nipping at the other’s tail. Puppy yipes and grunts fill the air and I press the lids of my eyes tightly together trying to find my way back to the happy place I wanted to be.

I remember a time that 5 o’clock in the morning meant peace and quiet.  It was my preferred time because I was all alone with my thoughts while the others who occupy my little corner of the world dream peacefully in their beds.

Solitude was total and inspiration was abundant.

Now that time is filled with noise, and inspiration is fleeting. Before my mornings were so rudely interrupted with the little sweeties that so recently joined  our family,  I was a blossoming flower, a butterfly working to emerge from its cocoon.

I gathered strength during those quiet early moments.

Strength that would serve me well in the days ahead as the pieces of my purpose incubated. The quiet contemplation’s and conversations of spirit fed my caterpillar soul and I grew and changed within the chrysalis of that time.

The lesson here is that for my quiet loving heart, the chaos of life needs to find its comfort living in tandem. Contrary to how I would like it, life is not meant to be lived alone. For if we are always alone, would we ever effect real change?  Sure, I can write to the outside world from the confines of my cocoon, but it is in emergence that we become what we were always meant to be.

Outside of our comfort zone is where we become the butterfly.

But still, it is in the quiet moments of our lives that we find the strength to pursue it. When our souls and minds are still, we can hear the whispers of spirit, the very voice of God speaking. And He lovingly guides and inspires the words and thoughts that will take us to that next level of development.

The chaos makes me then wonder if the time is near.

  • The time for emergence.
  • To become the butterfly I was always meant to be.
  • To learn the lesson of quiet and chaos in tandem.

Is your caterpillar soul beginning to emerge? Maybe you simply need to incubate a bit more in the quiet? Listen to the quiet stirrings of your soul, the spirit voice will guide your wings of emergence, and give you the strength you need for the journey out.

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Don’t forget to click on the picture at the top of the page to download the pdf version of the GROW picture.  Color it and share, or enjoy yourself.

God bless your day!


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