Everyday Conversations Write 31:Day 17

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Prayer is a great opportunity to talk with God. He waits for you in the quiet moments of life, ready to strengthen and equip you. {Romans 12:12}

I have friends that many call prayer warriors.

They seem to always know exactly what to say at the precise moment that you need them to say it.  Their words are always focused and it is as though they are walking a vertical stairway toward God when they intervene on the behalf of others. I used to think that God heard them best because of these words – because they knew exactly what to say.

But I don’t think that anymore.

Although I definitely see the value of focused prayer, of gathering together to intercede with hopes and pleas in a fragrant offering heavenward, I don’t think He hears them anymore than He hears my feeble attempts. Because here’s the thing:

Prayer is simply a conversation

A conversation between spirits – yours and God’s.

Does my inability to verbalize them in front of others, or string together many eloquent words of wisdom make them any less a conversation?

My comfort level in praying groups was always low. Not because I don’t like what they are saying or disagree with the process, but more because when I converse with God I feel that this is a time that I shouldn’t have to worry about what others will think of my prayers. I’m sure they don’t think anything really, this is just me. My time talking to God is simply that – my opportunity to let go of all convention, all expectations, all opinions, and simply be one in spirit with my best friend. That is how I see Jesus.

He is my best friend.

Understand my days here:

I work alone.

Do art alone.

Write alone.

The majority of my daily conversations take place between me and Jesus. He is the one that I talk to during every task I accomplish, every meal I cook, and every email I write. With each stroke of my pen we talk:

  • About family

  • About upcoming situations

  • About life

I ask His opinion and let His thoughts wash over me as I seek wisdom for each step I take.

I don’t say this to get a “wow, that is admirable” I don’t wish to be congratulated here. I am simply stating the facts of how I approach prayer in my life. It is not an effort I make, I just don’t know how else to get through the day – how to get through this life. I find it a struggle mostly, and one I’m not generally succeeding at. But with these everyday conversations, it is as if there is someone walking physically right next to me,  as though I am not so alone after all. And somehow it makes it easier to get through.

Sometimes you can even find me talking to myself – yes I’ve been caught before 🙂

There are moments that I wonder whether my approach to these “conversations” is irreverent because I’m not folding my hands together or kneeling with my face heavenward – and there are certainly those times as well, but my everyday conversations are really pretty simple:

“Hey, what do you think about this design?”

“It’s raining Lord, can I get a close spot at the grocery today?”

“Please keep me from killing the puppy who just peed on the floor for the 50th time this week!”

Our conversations ramble and roll over the landscape of each day, keeping my toes embedded in the grass as I make my way through life with Jesus by my side.

I don’t really have a special prayer time like they say you are supposed to.  Instead it is a constant conversation throughout the span of every day.

We begin them together

We end them together

And everything inbetween

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Don’t forget to click on the picture at the top of the page to download the pdf version of the PRAYER picture.  Color it and share, or enjoy yourself.

God bless your day!


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