Your Place in the UNI-verse – Write 31:Day 20

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Make God the Center of your world, and you will have everything you will ever nee. {Matthew 6:33}

Life is busy.

It was created that way.

Grass is busy growing.

Birds are busy gathering.

People are busy changing.

Creation was always meant to proceed in a forward motion. The universe expands at an alarming rate if you really think about it.  Almost 42 miles per second from what I understand.

But are we growing and changing in the right direction?

If you consider the word universe, you see that uni -meaning having or consisting of one, and is followed by verse -which is “writing arranged with a metrical rhythm, typically having a rhyme”.  There is a rhythm to life, a verse that is repeated consistently around the One that put it all into motion. Whether we recognize it or not, everything we do each day: wake, sleep, eat, breathe, create -were all set into motion at creation. And everything in between that occurs throughout our days are just variations on those actions. We are all moving around a center, both universal and personal

We go about our days rhythmically patterning around that center.

Wider and wider the universe expands with each passing day – the Creator at its CENTER. That is what holds it all together – the Source of creation.

If you really think about it, our own lives expand in a similar fashion – growing, learning, and expanding our knowledge and our reach, around the CENTER of which we originated. Like the universe, we began somewhere – there was a Source, and it is what feeds everything we do. Recognizing that Source and clinging to its power is what keeps us centered and moving in that forward motion.

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt disconnected? When every step you took felt as though you were observing life from a remote place, distant and detached? To me, those times can be very perplexing, and when they occurred, I often wondered what I was missing. What could have knocked me off my axis?

I haven’t had one of those “out-of-body” experiences in years, and I firmly believe that it is because I have found my center – the thing that I move purposely around. The epicenter that keeps me grounded to my days and allows me to grow in the right direction.

Without that grounding I am like a free floating projection, shooting off into space without restraint. I know that sounds like freedom – free floating like that, but like those disconnected days, it is terribly disconcerting. If you can find your CENTER and move purposely around it, everything else will fall into place, grounded and purposeful.

God is that CENTER

He is the Creator of the universe and the Creator of you. He is what gives your life rhythm and purpose. Make Him the Center of each and every day, and the patterns that emerge will be will be beautiful, and your growth exponential.

Are you growing from your center with purpose, or have your days become free-floating? Re-connect to the true CENTER and find your ground.

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Don’t forget to click on the picture at the top of the page to download the pdf version of the CENTER picture.  Color it and share, or enjoy yourself.

God bless your day!


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