It’s a Bittersweet Symphony -this LIFE Write 31:Day 25

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Joy is often the result of a difficult experience. Without adversity, would we truly know the goodness of God? {Psalm 51:8}

My ankle throbs as it sits upon a pillow.

This rude interruption of life

I glance at a list sitting on the side table and shake my head. Nope, not today.  And I sigh. I had so many plans, things that needed to get done, orders that had to be sent out. All the things that I had procrastinated about now shifted to the back burner. Now there is a different plan, one that includes a sore butt to go with the sore ankle.

Consider it pure joy

I roll my eyes as the words flash quickly through my inner vision. Joy and pain. Do they really exist in tandem? My heart catches on the word consider. Consider. Not: it is, or you must – simply:consider it.

A little word research reveals this:

Think carefully about, typically before making a decision

Think about and be drawn toward a course of action

Regard something as having a specified quality

It isn’t demanding. Consider is a verb, a course of action. Something that we have a choice about and must decide which way to take.



Given just the two words I would choose joy, but the joy cannot be given, in this instance, without the pain.

They come as a package deal.

And doesn’t so much of life?  Our first instinct is to only feel the pain, but it is in the midst of pain that we can choose the response, to choose differently than the rest of the world. To set ourselves apart from the thrum of society, that takes and dishes, moans and complains and gnashes their teeth. We can choose to live in the immediate hell, or the joy of a Holy God before us.

We can choose the way of Jesus.

Joy is pure emotion – and aren’t we emotional beings?

A bit more word search tells me that it is the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires.

What if the joy that James was talking about is something that is available to us? Not a demand, but a request to seek what you desire instead of wallowing in what you’ve been given. To seek well-being, success, good fortune. We all have desires, but will they come to anything if we choose instead misery?

Trials will come. Jesus said it – but did He even need to?  I don’t know about you but I feel it. Sometimes every day. And there are times that I wallow in that misery. But all that accomplishes is to make everyone else around me miserable (misery loves company – yes?) And then their misery makes me even more so. Do you see the pattern?

JOY on the other hand, has the power to uplift and inspire HOPE.

James knew what he was talking about when his request was to consider joy. A trial faced with an attitude of joy encourages perseverance which will ultimately lead to fullness of life. The waves will still crash, but our heads will stay above the waterline. Life is found above those waves, and in their breaking, so are we. And what is left is what we should have looked for all along.

But it all begins with considering JOY, and then living it through.

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God bless your day!


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