you ARE a Creative- Write 31:Day 27

faithFaith is just about knowing something unknowable. It is acting upon that belief to affect the outcome of each and every moment of your life. {2 Peter 1:5-6}

I love beautiful things

I’ll bet you do too

I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t want to be an artist, to create beauty in my little corner of creation. My younger self had no problem saying it: I want to be an artist.  But as I “grew up” the expectations of others squelched that desire; that dream.

Reflecting back now, I see that everything I chose to do from raising kids,  day jobs, hobbies and even holidays, was filled with creativity. That longing to be an artist that I thought I left behind?  It simply manifested itself in other ways.

Creativity is foundational to life. We are made in the Creator’s image – it is who we are.

This means you too!

Painting a picture may not be your thing, or sculpting, or any of those other “artsy” activities that people relate with being an artist.

But I’ll bet you have had to stretch time creatively in order to spend an extra moment with a friend. Or maybe you have had to be creative with the budget or groceries in your cabinet just to make ends meet and feed your family.  You can even creatively manage your to-do list so that the most important things in life don’t get left in the dust.

Whether you realize it or not,

you ARE a creative

I’ll bet you’re saying: “But today’s picture is about Faith. What does that have to do with creativity?”

FAITH is about knowing something unknowable.

But it isn’t just that. It is acting upon that belief. Taking it from knowing to doing. You can have faith in an unseen God, but until you step out the door and discover something about what He has created, you will never really know His heart.

As you put feet to the floor every morning, the reality of His creativity is all around you.

Everything you touch.

Everything you see.

All that you encounter with each step forward.


It is all a window into seeing the heart of God – experiencing His goodness: all that He has prepared for you to see and touch and do.

Thinking creatively about faith is about exploring the heart of God, stepping into His process of forming beauty, and then loving what has come from it. He created you, and me, and life, and all the beauty that we see in the world. And it is there, that beauty. Can you see it?

It can be difficult I admit. But it is a choice that we each have to make. The process of seeing beauty in everything connects us to the heart of the Creator. It brings us closer to seeing what He sees, and loving what He loves. It is in that precise moment, the moment that you see beauty in something otherwise not, that His heart is revealed.

Then you will see HOPE.

Then you will see love.

Then you will see a FAITH that is bound by something real and knowable.

Do you want to affect each and every moment of your life? Start by looking at your FAITH creatively. Do something new. Take a picture of anything, and find the beauty in it. Step out of your door and explore the world created for you, and respond with your own form of creativity.

I’ll be walking too.

And hopefully, one day, we will meet along that path to share what we have learned with each other.

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Don’t forget to click on the picture at the top of the page to download the pdf version of the CHOICES picture.  Color it and share, or enjoy for yourself.

God bless your day!


6 thoughts on “you ARE a Creative- Write 31:Day 27”

    1. Yes!! So glad that you liked it and can see this in yourself. We have a creative God that wants to inspire us. Stepping out of our comfort zones to create can be hard, but if we start with baby’s tips, one day the picture of our creative faith will be beautiful!


  1. Thanks for the reminder that we all are created by God who blesses us with creative urges. Being creative in faith is a great concept to consider. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder to use the gifts we have been given


    1. Thanks for stopping by Jon! Our gifts are meant to be opened and unpacked, how sad it would be if we never took the opportunity to explore them and learn how to use them. All of life is creative, and all of life is God. What an amazing world this would be if we dared to explore what joins them together. I hope that you find some inspiration every day Jon, to create some beauty in your corner of the world, and then share it with someone else! Stay tuned in the near future for some additional inspiration. This is only the beginning of unpacking this gift!


  2. Lisa, you did a great job of sucking me in with this post. You made me feel like you were talking to ME, all throughout. I think you talk about some really great ideas, here, things that I needed to be reminded of. Thanks very much for sharing!


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