When your Mountain Tops look more like a Foothill – Write 31:Day 29

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Sometimes it is difficult to believe, but if you ask for help and truly seek with all your heart, you will see the truth clearly. {Mark 9:24}

I am a writer

I am an artist

I am a creative

I can do this

These are the things that I tell myself every morning.

I have to.

If I don’t, the realities of the day can take me from a place of belief to the pits of skepticism in a blink. Life seems to have a way of eroding my resolve as though it were sand on a shoreline. It is my primary reason for getting up at the butt-crack of dawn; to do the things that are most important to me. They have to be done early. Otherwise, I can almost guarantee they won’t happen.

As daily tasks weary my brain and weaken my resolve, I begin to falter in my belief that I can do what I was created to do.  I’ve been given gifts. You’ve been given gifts. Good and perfect gifts from above. BELIEVE it! These things that we have been gifted with should not be taken lightly. They are what will propel us to great heights – to Mountain Top experiences.

But most days, I feel like I am wandering among the foothills instead, unable to find my way past the rocky outcroppings. Life can keep us in those foothills. It can keep us from seeing a way around the rocks. Our own feelings of inadequacy only serve to keep us there wandering.

But if we believe that we have gifts, if we believe that we were made for greatness, if we only BELIEVE that all things are possible through the Giver of those perfect gifts – then those foothills will break way toward the top, taking us ever higher with each step of faith that we take.

I’m ready. How about you?  

I don’t know what kind of gifts God has given you. Maybe you are a writer or an artist like me? Or possibly He has gifted you with a message, encouragement, hospitality or generosity. Whatever it is that has been placed in your life and on your heart, take hold of it. Cultivate it and find the time to share it with the world.

As your foothills break away toward the sloping path

your belief will flourish

and hope will rise

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Don’t forget to click on the picture at the top of the page to download the pdf version of the BELIEVE picture.  Color it and share, or enjoy for yourself.

God bless your day!



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