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…to wrap it all up….


Good Morning my budding artists!

I hope that everyone enjoyed the National Coloring Book Day festivities. I am awake…sort of….and I will now announce the big winner:

drum roll please……

Ruth Snyder!

Ruth’s comment on the short fiction was this: Congratulations on your launch, Lisa! For the story, I would go with the first option. In my mind, that option would give comfort, and is more realistic than option 3. Option 2 is good as well, but there is something about seeing the face of a loved one that is more powerful than words.

The first option was this:

1.The page reveals a picture of her mother’s face looking back at her – Comfort fills her and she knows then that her mother will always be with her. Every time she needs to feel hope, her tears transform the pages before her, showing her exactly what she needs to see.

I think I am actually going to use a combination of numbers 1 and 2 Ruth, as I think you are correct that the face of the loved one is more powerful, but the words changing and shifting will build a fuller story. – so the two combined I think will be a great option.

Did you miss the story and want to read it now?  Check it out here

Ruth’s prize is a downloadable set of 31 Days bookmarks and a copy of the coloring book, 31 Days of Coloring HOPE.  I will be sending you an email Ruth with your bookmark download, and a request for your address to ship out your coloring book!

Thank you so much for spending the day with me!!!

Till next year you coloring book fans…

….back to writing stories….


The one thing I am going to do today to get back my mojo

It has been a month….


Have you ever promised to do something? Make a change? Be consistent? And then fallen flat?

Yes, it has been a month since I last posted,  actually a bit longer I think. Did I finish my manuscript? No. Did I write ANYTHING since that last post. No.  Life happens. And as life happens, my inspiration goes right out the window with the first  passing squirrel.

Can you relate?

So here is the one thing that I am going to do today to get back my mojo:

I’m going to leave the comfort of my chair.

It doesn’t sound very inspiring does it?  But it can be.  Here’s the thing…I work from home. Sometimes a week will go by without ever having left the comforts of my abode, and comfort sometimes can be an inspiration killer.

Seeing the same four walls

Breathing the same stale air

Doing the same routine activities

Talking to the same boring people…oops, did I just really say that?  Their not boring, really 😉

Actually if I got out more, I think they might not be…so here goes. 

Out of the chair and into the wild to gather up what I have apparently lost. mojo.

where will I find it?

 I think maybe in a garden among the emerging flowers and plants that are calling for a gardeners touch.

Or is it at the park, down by the river that carries the  spring polliwogs to marshy bank homes.

Quite possibly it may be hiding  beneath that tree in the woods that always cultivates the morels that appear beneath its branches.

Where ever it is, I believe that the sojourn  I undertake will bring me to a place where creative ideas are born – and that is the idea. I may not find it today, or tomorrow, but I know that somewhere in the process, my long lost friend will return.

Take one step today toward rediscovering your mojo. Get up, step out, and find out where it has been hiding.

Your stories will thank you!


camping with my word count


Camp nanowrimo is here!

And I have to say that I am so glad!  I started a novel back in November, and I have been hard pressed to get past the 40,000 word mark. Deadlines seem to work best for me, so I signed up for camp this year, hoping to complete said novel….sighs….Here we are april 1st, day 1 of Camp Nanowirmo….still at 40,000, but hopefully not for long.

so…. here we go!

{I’ll post some snippets along the way, so check back}

-are you writing at camp nanowrimo?  I’d love to encourage you….leave a comment!

a genesis


Here we are again….the beginning of a new year. And isn’t that what a genesis is? A beginning. A new start. A commencement of ….something.

Whether or not you are someone who likes to “officially” make New Year resolutions, I think we all sit here on this day and breathe a sigh of relief. Relief that we can start over – begin again, have a genesis.

-Each morning I sit with my bible, looking for God’s words for me, His instructions for the day so to speak. Most often I don’t have a reading plan, I will simply open it to a page – any page, and read. I trust that whatever page I fall upon will hold truth for me. And it usually does. Not always the truth I want to hear, mind you. But truth none-the-less.

This morning as I popped it open, it did not open to a page, but to the beginning, the genesis of the book….a blank page before it begins.

And I contemplate that.

Accident?  I think not. There are no accidents. Everything means something….it is just whether we want to look deeper for the truths meant for us.

A blank page. A new beginning. The old has gone, the new has come. I get a do-over.

Looking deeper I realize that Genesis sets the stage for the rest of the book. It’s a story of purpose and plans, failure and redemption. It reveals the person and nature of God: Creator, Sustainer, Judge and Redeemer.

It is the very first description of God that catches my attention this morning: Creator.

In a majestic display of power and purpose, we see our beginnings;

  • full of beauty

  • full of glory

  • full of purpose

  • full of….promise.

And it makes me want to create something great, to make something out of nothing – something beautiful. And isn’t that what an artist does? Create something from naught but an idea. Whether you write, draw, work with wood, garden….it doesn’t matter really what your medium is – it begins with an idea in your mind. An idea placed there by the Father of all creation. A genesis that can become something beautiful. Something from nothing. That is what God does.

I am nothing – yet, He is creating in me something beautiful: a Genesis.

Those ideas from last year? Seeds for the coming year. Seeds that when planted can become something intricate, magnificent, and glorious. Our job as creators is to grow that seed. Place it in fertile ground, water it daily, and give it the nourishment that it needs. Before long, you will be looking at a magnificent tree of life – something from nothing [but an idea].

So, here is a toast to new beginnings and creating something from nothing.

You can do this; the Creator made you in His very image, and He can’t do anything but.

Happy 2016, and happy creating!

Soli Deo Gloria!