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National Coloring Book Day is here!

National Coloring Book Day

{This activity begins at 8:00}

Honestly, I have never heard of this holiday before, but as soon as I published my newly released Adult coloring book 31 Days of Coloring HOPE, there it was….a reason to celebrate!

So celebrate we shall!

Today is going to be a day filled with fun, and freebies galore….and don’t forget the virtual food! Let’s start off with a cupcake….because everyone needs a cupcake for breakfast! {cue the virtual cupcake}

Selective focus on the chocolate cup cake

This is a short piece of fiction….shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes or so to read it.  At the end there will be a challenge for you to participate in to win a prize.

Here is the prize: One set of color-able bookmarks download. You just print them off on card stock and color away! These are great for marking your place in a current read, or you can color them and give away to a friend.  However you choose to use them is up to you.

great idea #1 after you color them, laminate for lasting beauty!

31 bookmarks page 1

31 bookmarks page 231 bookmarks page 3





Here is the fiction:

THE COLORING BOOK –by: lisa evola

Tears fell upon the pages that she clutched desperately in her hands. Tears of grief. Tears of relief. To cry them tore her heart in two, but in tandem soothed her soul. Never before had Freya felt the hopelessness that she was feeling now. As the memory of her mother blazed brightly in her mind, the tears fell harder. Then remembering the book, the one that her mother had given her just this morning, she pulled it back from her chest in horror. The tears had soaked the pages causing ripples in the tender leaves, and Freya worried that they would tear, taking from her the last gift she would ever receive from her.
Tenderly she caressed its cover, remembering how pleased her mother was at her joy of receiving such a gift. She had given it to her just this morning before she left for school. As Freya sat down to her usual breakfast of oats with honey, the beautifully wrapped package appeared over her shoulder along with a kiss on the side of her head and “happy birthday” whispered in her ear. She had protested. Money was very tight and she knew that her mother wasn’t working many days this week. It would be a struggle just to put food on the table. Gifts were not something that was often considered.
But this one was special. Her mother had created it herself from the recycled paper that she loaded on the trucks down at the mill each day. She brought pages home every now and then, pages that had visual interest or a pleasing texture. Freya remembered asking her about them, why she was bringing them home. She just liked them, she said and tucked them away in the roll top desk that had belonged to her grandmother.
As she carefully unwrapped the gift, her eyes went wide with excitement. It was a coloring book. And one of the most unusual coloring books she had ever seen. She could see how her mother had put together the pages with parts taken from many different pieces. How she managed it, she couldn’t tell, but it was an amazing display of beauty, each page its own piece of artwork, unique and waiting for color to complete its metamorphosis.
Then her mother pulled 3 pencils from her pocket, one each of the primary colors, and set them beside her plate. “I know that you can blend these to create every color under the rainbow,” she said. “I’m sorry that there couldn’t be more…” But Freya was already in motion, flinging her arms around her mother’s neck with tear filled eyes.
“I love it all,” she exclaimed between sobs. “I couldn’t have imagined anything better in all the world.” She had held on tightly then. But had she known that it would be the last moments she would ever spend with her mother, she never would have loosed her arms at all.
She cried then with renewed fervor. Never again would she feel the comfort and strength that those arms brought; the love and acknowledgment that came with their embrace. As her tears loosed upon the open page of the coloring book, through bleary sight Freya noticed something odd. As each tear dropped upon a portion of the page, color appeared, vibrant and spalted, like ink drop from a quill. The color ran quickly through the design, changing in intensity and hue as it traveled from one portion of the artwork to another. When it stopped, the image left behind was transformed into something surreal.

Here is the challenge:

Choose what happens next in this story.  I have 3 ideas below as to how this story could proceed.  Choose one then respond in the comment section with # 1, 2 or 3. If you have a better idea, I would love to hear it!  Leave your idea in the comments and if I choose your idea you win…

what happens next?

1.The page reveals a picture of her mother’s face looking back at her – Comfort fills her and she knows then that her mother will always be with her. Every time she needs to feel hope, her tears transform the pages before her, showing her exactly what she needs to see.

2.Words emerge within the picture, flowing and changing, as though spoken from her mother’s lips, letting her know that she will be alright. Freya finds that she can talk to the pages as though to her mother herself, and the pages talk back, revealing her mothers wisdom. She never needs to be alone again.

3.The coloring book sucks Freya in, and there in the picture she stands, next to her mother, together – forever. And they are both smiling.



All winners of all the days events will be announced at the end of the festivities (like 8:00 or so 🙂

All comments today will be entered for a free copy of 31 Days of Coloring HOPE!

Good Luck!


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Did you miss anything? here are the links for today’s festivities:

Here are the festivities that are scheduled: Eastern time zone

8:00–10:00   Short fiction read + choose the ending challenge for a prize (full set of 31 days bookmarks)

10:00–12:00       Coloring Challenge – download and color the page created just for this event. Upload your picture to the events facebook page, or share on pinterest twitter, and Instagram using #31daysofcoloringHOPE. Then leave a comment letting me know. Every participant will receive a downloadable bookmark of their choice to color

12:00–2:00        Purchase the pdf download of the book ($4.99) and receive a free laminated and colored in bookmark (colored by the author). Every purchase is a winner! Bookmark of your choice-

2:00-4:00           Inktense tutorial and purchase perk – come and see how these amazing watercolor pencils work.  You will love the vibrancy with which they shade in your drawings. Use of a blender pen will also be discussed in this short video tutorial. The purchase perk for this block of time is a free limited edition print with any purchase. Choose from a physical book, the pdf download or the 31 days of bookmarks.

4:00-6:00          Buy 1 get 1 free!  Buy a 31 Days coloring book and receive a second free to give away to a friend. That is what it is all about, encouraging others to find HOPE.

6:00-8:00          $5 book sale – For these two hours only I will be offering 3 Days of Coloring HOPE for only $5 plus shipping ($2.60) This is $3.99 off of the list price. Order here on my website, or on the Amazon page here: 31DAYS

All-Day         Leave a comment, share a post, invite a friend to the party and you will be entered for a free copy of 31 Days of Coloring HOPE.



Publishing soon….

Step out of stress and busyness into the peace and serenity of color aided meditation. Each of the 31 pictures features a word to focus on while you color. The flip side of the page gives the artist a bit of encouragement and a corresponding verse from scripture to delve a bit deeper. The smaller and simpler format allow for a quicker on the go completion of the artwork. In this busy fast paced world, we all need to carve out moments in our day to explore what is inside us, and shut out the noise that steals our peace. 31 days of hope will do just that, bring hope to those moments and clarity to your thoughts. Once completed, share with a friend who needs a word of encouragement.
I’m so excited to have my first coloring book coming out soon. It has been quite a journey for sure, and I’m thankful that it is all coming together.  Funny, this one hasn’t even published yet, and I am already planning the next one 🙂 I truly love sketching…and then the encouraging that goes along with this type of coloring book keeps me inspired.  Excited to see what God has in store next!

Still working on my fiction titles….that seems to be a much longer process, so it may be a bit….it’s taking shape nicely though!!

So….my question is this….what do you think of the description….not sure I’m all in on this. Something doesn’t sound right. It has been such a busy few weeks that my brain just isn’t working as it should.  So I thought I would reach out to the blogging world here and get some opinions….

This title will be available on July 22nd….if everything goes well with the proof. I will be running a pre-sale in about a week, with perks if anyone is interested.

Stay tuned  for more information!!




friday fiction in fifteen ~ from thy balcony


march from thy balcony friday fic in 15

Today’s fiction in fifteen is actually a poem. I imagine a beloved on the balcony with the loved below, expresses her heart. enjoy!

{a letter from a loved, to her beloved}

My beloved ~

I awoke with you again on my mind

And greeted the day as one searching.

Where are you my love? And when will I next breathe in your scent?

Only for you do I rise, only for your amorous words do I face what’s next.

My feet move forward, and they take me places,

places that I never thought to wander.

Yet here I am, gazing up at the balcony on which you once appeared to me.

Searching for you once again.

My passion for you burns, and I recall your words of love,

Your words of promise.

A promise of a future, and your never ending love to guide me.

And to that promise I hold, each day looking for you,

for the day you will come for me.

There you stand, on the balcony of our first encounter,

waiting for me, just as you promised you would.

I see you, and you see me seeing.

I look for a way to you, steps to reach your side,

To receive what is mine ~ your love.

For I am yours

and you are mine.

Forever in a passionate embrace.

Your turn!  Set your timer to 15 minutes and write from your heart. Write a poem, write a letter, begin a great piece of fiction!  I would love to see what passions this picture creates.

Leave a comment!  And if you have written something about this picture, I would love to see it!


Today I have a post on a beautiful life called “A Passion Unleashed” I’d love for you to stop by and check it out!

Read it here: A Passion Unleashed

Friday fiction in fifteen ~ ordinary miracles

february ordinary miracles

A big thanks to Paul for taking such inspiring photos!

Here’s your picture for today. What story does this picture tell you? set your timer to 15 (or 30….whatever works for you) and write!

Here’s mine:

Ordinary Miracles

The Phone wouldn’t stop ringing.

As soon as one call ended, another would take its place, the melodious song becoming nothing but a clanging cymbal to my ears. I navigated skillfully through the city streets with my internal auto-pilot on high alert – no time to think about steps now.  I simply needed to get to the board room for an early morning meeting.

Shifting the weight of the pack I wore to the other shoulder, my feet carried me around the corner of an old building, eyes still diverted from the path in front of me. Miraculously I had not yet collided with the sea of humanity that hurried around me toward their own destinations. Like bats flying in diming light, we successfully avoided the other’s path.

Till my feet stuck solid.

As my hands flew out to break the inevitable fall that awaited me, the cursed ringing phone struck cement; forever silencing its cry. I wasn’t even upset. But as my hands found earth, along with knees, hip, and shoulder during a truly acrobatic roll, I wondered what I had done to deserve this interruption. I would be late now for sure, and I couldn’t even call to let them know why.

As I righted myself onto my behind, I looked to see what had caused me to stumble. There on the sidewalk, close to the corner of the building, was a man. A sleeping man. I wondered for a moment then if he even lived, for he had not even flinched at my shoe finding his body. Slowly I crawled over to the inert body, and peered into his face. His eyes were tightly closed to the increasing morning light, and I wasn’t sure that I should bother him at all.

I cleared my throat loudly, hoping that this would garner his attention, then possibly I could offer an apology for my misstep.  But the phlegmy din did nothing to stir him. I sat down beside him and reached tentatively for his arm, which lay peacefully across his midsection. Then wrapping my fingers around his wrist, felt for the pulse indicating life. It was faint, but strong, so I breathed a sigh of relief.  As many years as I had lived in the city, I had never before encountered a dead body, and I certainly did not want to gain that experience now.

I placed my hand on his shoulder and gently shook. “Sir”, I said, “are you alright?”  Please be alright, I prayed silently too. I saw his eyelid flicker minutely, but only a small crack appeared, then closed again. Looking around for help, I noticed that the commuting people on the street passed us by as though we were not even there. And I wondered dimly, how long this poor man lay here with no a single person taking notice. Day’s maybe?

I scooped my arm underneath his, and the smell of unwashed body wafted up from the openings in his filthy coat. Still, I garnered all my strength and sat him up against the building fascia. As he sat supporting his own weight, he opened his eyes, and stared at me in wonder.  He did not speak, but his eyes said all. “Why are you helping me?” they asked.

A compassion filled my heart. And reaching for my phone that lie broken a few feet away, I dialed.  “Sarah, could you please make me a reservation at my usual spot near the office?” I had often stayed in a room near work when I had large projects, and looming deadlines. The seclusion and quiet was a balm to my soul, and I found that I could gain the peace that I often missed in those times.  “And order an array of breakfasts to be sent to the room as soon as they can prepare them.”

My eyes never left the man who sat before me. He almost looked fearful now as I spoke, but my gaze must have reassured him of genuine intent, for his eyes closed again. “Yes, I know I’m supposed to be in the meeting. Please make my apologies, and let them know that I will check in a bit later to explain. Thank you Sarah.”

Hanging up, I glanced toward the street and raised my hand to hail a cab. As one pulled to the side, I gathered all the strength I could muster, and helped the man limp to the curb. The cab driver gave me a curious look which was quickly turning angry as I sat the man inside. I reassured him quickly that I would be accompanying my companion. He was wary, but turned around,  and as I relayed our destination to him, he began to pull away.

“You’re going to be okay.” I said to the man beside me. Then looking out the window in front of me, I reassured myself, “You’re going to be okay.”

Let me know how you like the story, and if you wrote one, I would love to read it! Leave a comment below!


Friday: Fiction in Fifteen – Gathering Storm”

january friday fic in fif 2 

[check out Paul's site at the link above! Thanks Paul!]

Isn’t this picture great? It elicits so many emotions within me as I study its depth. And as we all know, emotion is what inspires story!

So have at it! Set your timers for 15 minutes [if you need longer- no worries, take your time] Contemplate the possibilities before you begin to write.  If you do write something, we would love to see it!  Even the first sentence would be great.

I hope you are as inspired by this picture as I am!

Here is my piece:

A Gathering Storm

 A low, deep rumble reverberated through the gathering clouds above . The slow, persistent growl rolled through me and collected in the pit of my belly, churning its contents into a soup of anxiety. How fitting for a morning such as this. Consternation had been my friend for the better part of a year, and its culmination an approaching leviathan.

I averted my eyes of the rumble’s call, choosing instead to focus on the quickly waning strength within me to advance my steps. Squeezing my eyes tight, I asked for more; more strength, more hope. And then less too. Less of the fear and trepidation that threatened to consume me. The dread that I was experiencing only increased with the gathering storm, building to a certain crescendo. Its progress reflected the pattern of recent days, marked by a knowing.  

Morning always brought with it reality. The dreams of my sleep-state had become my refuge; where I felt happiest in the midst of confusion and despair. But each morning the same knowing: the inevitable judgement that we would face, together he and I. Judgement brought on by our own misdeeds. Choices that all led back to here.  I couldn’t be angry with anyone but myself, really.  There was no one to plead with, no begging would stay this decree. I wouldn’t even try. I couldn’t.

I asked for more courage, more strength. Not to deliver me from what was inevitable, but to prop up my shaky steps. No, I would take my punishment as it came, reap the consequences that I wove into the fabric of my life. Nobody’s fault but my own. After the chips fell, and the guilt washed clean from my soul, maybe then I would feel worthy. No, I’ll never be worthy, I felt that deep within. But to find myself back in the grace of God, was a gift I could not embrace now. Now was a time to weather the storm of my own making.

And then wait for a deliverance.

So what did you write in fifteen?  please leave a comment, if only to encourage us to keep writing!

awakening: novel excerpt

awakening coverrAs this story continues to unfold, I would love to share portions of it with you. For writing isn’t to be kept and horded. but to be shared -so to inspire and endear. I have been going back and forth on the name of it, and am currently rooting for “awakening”, but for previous excerpts, they are listed under “city of mist”….hmmm. kinda like that one too. What to do?!!

I hope that you like this little piece of my creative soul! 🙂

19-[…..and down the rabbit hole we go.]

They walked toward the side of the city where the forest grew closest to its slopes. Akira hoped that they would not need ropes to repel down the side of it. She remembered that this side of the mountain had a sheer faced cliff that plunged directly down into a riverbed filled with rocks. She didn’t know if she was up to the adventure after so recently having been half dead. As they approached the edge of the cliff, she noted that the wall ended just before the sheer face.  Wind blew and whistled here, bringing in the cool salty breeze of the sea to the north of Marmaron. As they stopped at the cliff’s edge, Akira looked at her friend with an expression that said, seriously?  “I’m not jumping if that’s what you think.” She said matter-of-factly.
Mairwen chuckled. “No. I’m not either. Over here.” She led Akira to where the cliff met the wall. There was a small scrubby bush growing close to the edge, and Mairwen stepped around it, peering just over the edge. There on the cliff face was a small ledge that sat just outside of a hole in the wall, like a small cave opening. It lay about three or four feet from the top, but the ledge was narrow, and there would be nothing to stop their descent if their footing was not sure.
“Ummm, I’m not sure about this Mairwen.” Akira hesitated.
“I know, it looks pretty scary. But I have been down to the ledge already and it is not as bad as it appears.  And there is plenty of room for your feet. just go in as soon as you get there. Besides, We have this.” Mairwen reached down under the bush and produced a rope who’s end was fastened to its trunk. “Courtesy of Elior,” she smiled brightly.
“My, you have been busy today, she chided. “Good to know that while I was dying, you were having an adventure.” 
Mairwen put her arm around her friends shoulder. “I wouldn’t want your almost death to go to waste,” she returned. “By the way,” she added, “I’m awfully glad that you didn’t. Die that is.” She hugged her tightly, then looked back over the edge.
“Me too, Mair, me too.” Taking a deep breath to steel her nerves, she grasped the rope firmly. Dropping slowly down the wall and reaching with her toes, she felt the firmness of the ledge beneath her. When both feet were securely down on the rock, she squatted and looked into the hole.
It was small. No bigger than a foxes hole, or maybe a large rabbit. It would be a tight squeeze to get through it. But staying perched on this ledge with her heart in her throat was not an option. She was beginning to wonder about the wisdom of this plan. “Mairwen, how do we know where this goes, and how tight it gets. It does not look very large. What if we get stuck?”
Mairwen looked down over the edge from her stomach. “I’ve already been inside. I know it is dark, so you can’t see what is there, but once you get inside the opening, it widens into a larger room and there is a stairway. I think it was crafted as a way of escape many years ago. In case of invasion maybe?” She shrugged her shoulders at this. “Go in the opening, and then I will come down. There is only room for one on that ledge.
As Akira fit her arms and head through the hole, she wondered vaguely if this was a smart thing to be doing. Most likely not, she told herself. But here she was, with nowhere to go …

…but down.


race to the end

So here we are….the last four days of nanowrimo!

I am behind….way behind really. I have logged about 30,000 words, and the goal being 50,000….the likelihood of finishing by the 30th is not very good. But I press on….5,000 words a day for the next four will take me to my goal….God willing, I will stay committed and inspired…..sighs….

So here is a new excerpt from the chapter I wrote yesterday called The Green Mile (yes, like the book/movie by Stephen King) Simply a reference to its meaning tho.  Enjoy!

leave a comment as to how you are liking it….again, this is spew on the page stuff….editing comes after the win:)

The Green Mile

They say that in the old world, the condemned walked a mile down a long, dark, green hallway toward their own execution; green for the color of the walls that lined their pathway. Each step taken was a step toward what they knew must come, their death, and a reminder of what had brought them there. As Akira walked now down the tree lined road that led to the council room of the elders, she felt each steps impact on the pavement. The vibrations of her steps reverberated through her body, and each wave felt like a jolt of electricity running through her. She had run through her story several more times in her mind, solidifying it so that it sounded natural, more natural than it had as she had told it to her father. She now wondered if it would be enough, if they would believe her, or if they would know that she was holding something back, like her father had known. There was no help for it now, she told herself. She was committed to this “truth”, and would deliver it with the most surety she could muster.
Approaching the door, her father took her hand in his, and squeezed. “I will be right next to you Akira. Just tell them the truth, everything will be okay.” He gave her a reassuring smile, tucked her hand into the crook of his arm and walked through the doorway into the council chambers.
The room was large and ornately carved arching wood graced the ceiling and doorways. She had been here once before when she was younger. Their guide had brought them all here one day to see where the governing body of our community sat to decide what laws the city would live by, and how its people would live according to their purposes. She thought how ironic it was that they would now decide her fate. Decide how she would be allowed to proceed in the future according to her, and ultimately their, purpose.
The chairs of the elders sat in a horseshoe around a circular table in the middle of the room. On one end sat three chairs, presumably for the condemned. That is what she felt like; a prisoner forced to do their will. But it was only she and her father. Mother did not come, she did not think that she could keep quite as they passed judgment on her daughter. She assumed the worst. And what was the worst? Certainly not death. She smiled to herself then. No it would not be that, but quite possibly it would feel like it. Her father said most likely they would forbid her ever leaving the city walls, possibly postponing or even forbidding her calling as a traveler. “Rules were needed for everyone.” They said. “Needed for the city to run smoothly, and ultimately for the safety of its people.” She could see that. Her little excursion down the mountain had almost cost her her life. If she had stayed inside the walls, she would not have had to be brought back. And if she had been left there by the boy, she didn’t know what would have happened. Often travelers came back barely alive, some even died before they could be healed. “The ultimate sacrifice” they called it. And her thoughts returned to her grandmother.
No, it would most assuredly be confinement, not much different than her life had been up till now, what life was for all of the youngers. She could deal with that – for now. But they would probably be watching her for awhile. It would be difficult to escape their notice. She would have to postpone her plans to return to the stairway until she was sure that they were satisfied that she would obey their orders. Father didn’t think they would take much action beyond that. No real harm was done, except that the boy emery now knew that we were here. But he was just a boy, and father said that the council did not feel that he was a threat.
Akira sat down in the middle chair, and her father took the one to her left. She knew this was difficult on him. She saw the one empty seat at the table head, that her father usually occupied. Her took pride in his position as one of the city’s leaders. He had great compassion for the people and loved our city. He believed in what the council did, believed in its dedication. Now as he sat in the seat next to me, as accompanying the accused, he was quite and humbled, but he did not avert his eyes as the chastised would. He sat and looked each one directly in the eyes. Was that a challenge? Akira was surprised at the tension that seemed to flow through the room. She wondered what had transpired earlier, while she had been unconscious.
Aberash, the head of the council, spoke first. “Welcome Akira. Akio.” He nodded toward my father, tentatively. Yes, something had happened between them.
He fathers words from earlier returned to her now. “You can tell me anything.” A pang of guilt came then, and she almost wished she had told him the truth. The complete truth.. She sighed. Well there was no helping it now. She would just have to tell her story, the one that she had given to her father, and bear the consequences.
“Akira,” he began. “We would like to give you an opportunity to tell us your story.” He looked warningly at her then and continued, “we have talked to the boy.” He stopped there, as though that statement in itself were enough. And it was. Emery had told them everything, She was sure of it. So they knew about the stairs, and probably the platform above. They knew that she had taken his pain from him, the overwhelming grief that hung thick within him. She felt the heaviness of it then, and closed her eyes, reliving the experience briefly.
So her father had known after all. The guilt she felt then was consuming, like Emery’s grief, and she promised herself then that she would never feel like that again. Come what may, she would be as honest as she could. Then she told her story. The real story. She told them about the stairway that led to the platform, and about the second stairway that descended from there. She left out the part about the secret room, and the fact that they had been going there everyday. In fact, she didn’t mention Mairwen at all. They didn’t know about those things, and they weren’t really part of todays story, the story that brought the boy to their city gates. That is what they were concerned about. The security of the city.
When she finished her tale, Aberash appeared to be satisfied with it. Satisfied that she had told them the whole of it, and he proceeded to speak to her about the rules of the city, why they were in place, and what must take place for someone who broke them. “Therefore,” he explained, “we must make an example of this in order to discourage it from happening again. You will take us to the stairway, and it will be destroyed.” He must have heard me suck in breath then, for he paused and explained, “We cannot have a bunch of youngers running around the side of the mountain. It would be unsafe for them as well as the whole community.” Mairwen was going to freak out.
He finished his sentencing with this warning. “Akira, this is more serious than you undoubtedly understand. We could forbid you to continue your training if we wanted to. But at this point I do not think that is necessary.” He seemed thoughtful then. They had all been there at her reawakening, and all had seen the emergence of the flower; her flower. What did it mean, that sudden appearance. She had meant to ask her father when they had talked earlier. As Aberash dismissed her and she and her father rose and turned toward the door, Akira stopped, turning  back for a moment. “Yes Akira? Did you have a question?”
“Yes sir,” she began. “It’s just that, earlier when I woke up under the tree.”
“Yes.” He said cautiously.
“Well, I noticed that my flower had emerged, and…” she paused for a moment, thoughtful. “It’s just that I didn’t think that was possible until we had finished our training. I thought that it was a sign of readiness.” She looked eagerly at him. She truly wanted to know what it meant, why it happened so soon, when she had just recently begun her training.
He seemed to consider her question carefully, weighing his response with the edict just laid down. “When there is an emergence, it simply means that the gifts of the bearer have awakened. Usually that is when the training is complete and the budding gift has made itself known. Once in awhile, a gift is so acute within the bearer that it emerges earlier than the others, before it is really ready to be used,” he cautioned. “Like yours. Akira, what happened today on the side of the mountain, you must not do that again before you are ready. This is not for the safety of the community, but for you alone. A careless giving of a gift before the bearer is ready to bear the burden it will bring, could bring harm. Even death.” He finished. He seemed to consider carefully what he said next, then continued. “There has only been one other emergence of this kind in my lifetime.” He looked at her steely then and said the name, “Aki Himura.”
Akira’s grandmother.