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Begging Dogs, Growling Cats and Liquid Puppies- Write 31:Day 18

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God is always with you. He is there is the morning when you wake up, and He is there when you lie down at night. You can rely on it! {Isaiah 50:4}

As I settle into what is becoming my new normal, I realize that it is going to be some time before I am alone.

The moist apple cake that I’ve chosen for breakfast (big smiles) has become an object of desire by none other than the animal that just ate not only her breakfast, but that of the puppy.  The cat, who thinks he is the only one who actually belongs here, sits perched on the highest point of the couch growling, yes growling, at the liquid puppy that has discovered she can now hike the once Mount Everest trek with ease.

Fortunately the weather has allowed the open door policy that we have been favoring ever since the little one joined our tribe. This means less clean up on aisle 4 for me 🙂 But the weatherman, and time tested truths, tell me that those days are about to end.

I find myself longing for the days of total alone time, but then I wonder if they ever really existed, but in my mind. Sure, once upon a time I would sit in solitude and silence, yet the song of my soul crooned loudly enough for me to hear. The voice in my heart beat out its metronomic diatribe and my spirit companion whispered sweet nothings in my ear.

I was never alone

  • Even when we feel like no one sees us – God is there
  • Even when we struggle with the silence – God is there
  • Even when we think we are not loved – God is there

He is that invisible surety of presence that we can rely on day after day. He is there to listen, comfort and instruct. He holds us up when we are weary, and warms us when the chill of life seeps deep. We never have to wonder if there is someone there who cares – He does.

“He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen” Isaiah 50:4

His nudge is gentle – almost imperceptible, yet I feel it like I feel the chin rested upon my knee

His gaze is penetrating, ever present like the eyes inspecting the cake upon the plate I hold just out of reach

His voice pierces my soul like the growling of my cornered cat 

And His arms are flung wide, open and welcoming as a door that brings relief to my sick and weary puppy

I realize now that I was no more alone before, than I am this morning. God was ALWAYS there walking and talking with me. Knowing this brings me both comfort and HOPE that even when the tough times come, I will never be alone.

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God bless your day!