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intensify with inktense

tutorial day

{This activity is from 2:00-4:00 }

How do you like to color your books or pages?

Crayons, markers, colored pencils or even watercolor pencils?

About a year ago I discovered these truly amazing pencils called “Inktense” by Derwent. Now, they aren’t the cheapest tool in the artist tool box for sure…there are many other colored pencils that have a much bigger name, and do a beautiful job, but I have to say…these are amazing!

Inktense is technically a watercolor pencil. It goes on smooth and creamy {depending on your surface of course} like a soft crayon, and provides a very nice color base for your artwork.  But when you add water – Watch Out!! The intensity of these pencils is less like watercolor paint, and more like an ink. They are vibrant and rich, giving you an amazing saturation, without actually saturating the page.

But I don’t use a paintbrush with water. The old traditional way is definitely doable, but with the thinner coloring books, and even some of the heavier ones that aren’t necessarily made for paint, {especially very watery paint} you have to be careful in your treatment of the paper if you want to avoid ripping or buckling.

Instead I use what is called a blender pen. There are several companies that make them, but my favorite is by Marvy {not always the easiest to find though) These amazing little pens have some sort of a light solvent inside – don’t worry…there isn’t much in there and they don’t really smell like a solvent. The solvent, when wiped over the penciled fill, almost melts together the pencil, forming a smooth blended surface.

By varying the pressure of the pencil while coloring, as well as blending two or three similar colors  in an area, will allow you to create vibrant shadings with lots of depth. Take a look at the short video tutorial below to see how amazing these pencils really are!

I hope you are inspired!

Get out your coloring pages and color away. Try a new tool, layer for depth, and by all means…give the blender pens a try! They can be found in art supply stores and even the scrapbooking section at craft stores.

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8x10 limited edition print for 31 days presaleEnjoy!

Did you miss anything? here are the links for today’s festivities:

Here are the festivities that are scheduled: Eastern time zone

8:00–10:00   Short fiction read + choose the ending challenge for a prize (full set of 31 days bookmarks) http://wp.me/p3FW2F-vA

10:00–12:00       Coloring Challenge – download and color the page created just for this event. Upload your picture to the events facebook page, or share on pinterest twitter, and Instagram using #31daysofcoloringHOPE. Then leave a comment letting me know. Every participant will receive a downloadable bookmark of their choice to color http://wp.me/p3FW2F-vM

12:00–2:00        Purchase the pdf download of the book ($4.99) and receive a free laminated and colored in bookmark (colored by the author). Every purchase is a winner! Bookmark of your choice- http://wp.me/p3FW2F-vU

2:00-4:00           Inktense tutorial and purchase perk – come and see how these amazing watercolor pencils work.  You will love the vibrancy with which they shade in your drawings. Use of a blender pen will also be discussed in this short video tutorial. The purchase perk for this block of time is a free limited edition print with any purchase. Choose from a physical book, the pdf download or the 31 days of bookmarks. http://wp.me/p3FW2F-wa

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two days left…

31 days cover…for the pre-sale of 31 days of Coloring HOPE!  For these last two days, i will be sweetening the pot…

For the purchase of 5 books: In addition to the 8×10 limited edition print, I will be adding 3 of my favorite colors of Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils and a Marvy blender pen.  These are awesome tools as you don’t have to have water to activate your watercolor pencils. Just glide the pre-moistened brush over your coloring and the colors blend like they were painted!

One of my absolute favorite tools for coloring on the go!

I am then upgrading the 15 book purchase from 6 inktense watercolor pencils, to a 12 piece set! And I am throwing in a Marvy blender pen too!

Woot – you are going to love these blender pens.

For the 25 book purchase you will receive a 24 piece intense set and 2 Marvy blender pens. That should make your color gathering move right along!

For 50 books, you will receive a 36 piece inktense set and 3 Marvy blender pens!!

Interested?  You can purchase your books here:

Buy Now Button (the payment page will show ATC Embroidery as the seller…that is me 🙂

and don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered into a drawing for a free coloring book. Winner will be announced friday!

This is a preview of the pictures included in this coloring book:

31 days page pics

I can’ wait for you all to receive your books…they should be in by early next week!

Soli Deo Gloria!