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GROW – Write 31:Day 14


“All of our life experiences help us to Grow. They refine our thinking, and hopefully affect our future choices. Welcome the change that adversity can bring, and learn from it.” {Psalm 66:10-12}

Once upon a time, I was a gourd crafter.

I loved their simple shapes, the smooth surface that invited the heat of my pyrography nibs to draw delicate lines. I would sit for hours each day creating intricate works of art on all sizes and shapes, from mini bowls to huge lanterns carved from those fruits that had grown to enormous sizes. I loved working with the large ones so much that at one point I decided to grow my own.

Purchasing seeds from a gourd farmer, I dreamed of all the new pieces that I would work on after a season of growth and curing. As she placed the tiny pack of gems in my hand, she also handed me a stack of papers. A big stack of papers: Instructions for Growing Success, it read.


Isn’t it just a seed? 

How hard could it be?

I almost laughed it off.  I had been gardening for years, I wasn’t exactly a newbie. Put it in the ground, cover with dirt, add water….grow a gourd. It didn’t seem like rocket science to me. But apparently I was wrong.  Seeing my confused look, she proceeded to explain in abridged terms how to get these little wonders to germinate. Apparently they don’t like to pro-create. There was a 10 step process that included brewing tea and paper towels. Really? I stood with my jaw slack taking it all in. Funny that she waited until I had already paid for the packet before cluing me in.

What had I gotten myself into?

My joy and excitement turned into a weary list of new responsibilities as she explained that yes, even after all of this, it was entirely possible that nothing would grow. Let’s not even mention the process of pollinating which required me to do things that seemed downright obscene (to a flower anyway). I walked away from the grower’s table feeling a bit defeated, and I hadn’t even planted anything yet.

I was already thinking about giving up.

Living a good life, one that seeks to please God and GROW in faith and love, takes work. Every experience that we go through: the dirt, the rain, the sunshine, they all work together to provide an environment for prolific fruit production.

Without the dirt – the process of being buried in the ugliness of life, how would we then emerge a seedling ready to reach toward the Son?

Without substantial rain  (or tea as the case may be) – our experiences would be dry. A good soaking is an opportunity to marinate in the nutrients necessary to flourish.

Without Sonshine radiating on our faces, there wouldn’t be anything to reach toward, and life would be a flat crawling on our bellies, getting covered by the troubles of life.

Finally, it takes tenacity – an “I’m not going to give up” attitude. Life can certainly make us weary. There are days where I just don’t have the strength to meet all of the needs. The requirements to grow seem beyond what I am capable of handling and I simply want to retreat to an easier place.

But there is strength available to us if we just ask for it.

We don’t have to do this alone; perform all of the necessary steps without guidance. There is help for those who seek it. And it is worth the seeking, to see the fruits of our labors grow to immense sizes. To see the blooming flowers and experience the joy that accompanies successful germination. It is worth all the dirt, and rain, and scrapes and bruises, to eventually reach toward the sunshine and bloom.


Bury the seed

Water it thoroughly

Add a little Sonshine

And when you’re ready? God will pollinate your flower to encourage prolific growth of all your fruits.

It’s a hard business, this GROWING thing. You may not feel up to it.  But I guarantee, if you ask the Master Gardener for help, He will be more than happy to oblige.


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