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TRUTH – Write 31:Day 10

truth(download and color this image!)

“Truth is the foundation for a well-balanced life. Growing in faith requires that we seek the truths of God, feeding our souls with true nourishment.”  {1 Timothy 4:6}


That is what I saw from my precarious perch at the top of the hill, two slick slices of fiberglass strapped to my feet, rendering them for the most part immobile. A silent fear slid into my stomach, but I pushed it away as I pointed the tips of my skis downhill and slipped over the edge.

Truth is I never should have been there to begin with.  I hadn’t been on skis in years, many more than I even care to think about. Add to that knee surgery and many unwanted pounds, and you have a recipe for disaster.

But I formed a new truth in my mind: “You can do this!  How hard could it be? There are toddlers skiing down this hill.” This new truth, although making for an exciting afternoon, only served to nudge me in a direction that I shouldn’t have been going. A course that I wasn’t prepared for. Icy conditions complicated an already tenuous prospect, but I was determined to do it my way.

The day ended in a blown out knee – my bad. I knew better, and yet…..

How often do we balance on that precarious edge of life, looking down at the icy slopes that we know we should avoid, and yet begin the trek with the truth staring us in the face? What will it take for us to look that truth in the eye and heed its warning?

The truths of God will give us a solid foundation for a well-balanced life. Our own truths, the ones we create ourselves and want to believe? Not so much. These “truths” more often than not, take us to a place of injury and pain, and honestly, I’ve had enough pain.

I’m ready to loose the straps of my truths in favor of strapping on God’s truths. Then, I know for sure the slope will be balanced and safe, keeping me from harm and giving me HOPE for the journey ahead.

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God bless your day!


TRUST – Write 31:Day 7


“Trust is knowing that no matter what we see before us, the path is sure and leads to God’s side. He is faithful.” {2 Corinthians 5:7}

I have trust issues

Most people probably do

It only takes one or two bad experiences to cause a callous to form in any given area. I remember when my daughter was only four, we had a wood stove in our house as the central source of heat in winter. I constantly worried and fretted over the possibility of burns. At four years old, children are immensely curious and want to touch everything. I followed her around everywhere redirecting her attention to other things when she appeared to be entirely too interested in the stove.

Despite all my efforts, one day she grabbed hold of the door while I was stuffing more wood inside. Let’s just say, she never touched it again. It was just a quick touch so the burn wasn’t too severe, but it definitely left a mark on her hand -and her heart.  She learned that trusting her own desires would fail, but that trusting her parent’s love for her was fail proof.

The years that followed that incident unfortunately brought with it more choices, more experiences, more hurts – more callouses. The troubles she endured, both deserved and unmerited, changed her. Each hurtful word rubbing a tender portion of her heart until a thick skin formed. Unfulfilled desires hardening the HOPE solid within her. Till she couldn’t see it any longer.

I’ve formed callouses of my own. Nothing like a lifetime of anger and disappointment to thicken up that thin skin of yours. Can you relate?

Then I met my Savior. And I learned to trust that:

  • No matter what happens with others, He will always be there for me.
  • Regardless of what my reality is now, He has an awesome future all planned out.
  • Even if this world rejects me, He has a seat saved for me right by his side.
  • When it appears no one else loves me, He does – and that will never end.

We don’t need to hold on to our trust issues. Put your trust where it belongs: in an ever-loving, faithful, unchanging God –and He will turn your stony heart back into one of flesh and restore HOPE to your life.


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God bless your day!

MIRACLES – Write 31:Day3


“Miracles…are possible when you leave it all up to God. Letting go of our own “can do” attitude gives Him room to work.” {Mark 10:27}

I’m a DIY girl, especially if it is something creative, or requires massive amounts of money that I simply don’t have. About 17 years ago my husband and I bought an almost 200 year old house.  Needless to say, it was going to require some work.  My then young self said, “We can do this!” 17 years later we still stand around scratching our heads wondering how in the world we got ourselves into this.  it has been not only a labor of love, but  also of frustration, anger and a drain both mentally and financially. My husband often remarks how we could have probably built an entirely new house for the amount of time and money that we have invested.

Yet still we persist.

As much as I would like it all to be done, I have learned, and continue to learn, some very important lessons in the process. Mainly that when I am totally at the end of my strength and ability to accomplish something…

God shows up.

Most recently we had decided to replace a portion of the roof that had been leaking. We had been patching portions as we found them over the last couple of years, but no matter what we put on, the winter thaws and relentless spring rains continued to push the water into areas it didn’t belong. To say that we had reached the end of our rope would be an understatement.

We knew a new roof had to be put on, so in an effort to save money, we began to plan what to use and how to proceed with that plan for this small area of the roof.  Even doing the work ourselves promised to be more than we could handle.

Then my husband felt a small drip hit the top of his head…on the other side of the roof. The diagnosis was catastrophic. We would need a whole new roof.


What started as a $4,000 project, quickly became a $22,000 impossibility.

As we started to look for financing, the thought of taking on a payment like that was depressing. Work for me is sporadic and much of what I do doesn’t bring the benefit of money to the family at all. But this was the home that God had given us to take care of. And doing that, we feel, is an act of worship.

We found financing through a couple of different options and the roof was replaced. And although we have had to tighten belts, I know that God has brought us to this place of reliance for a reason. Through our own strength and ability to provide, we would never see the everyday miracles that happen in our lives. The things we count as luck or coincidence, are often the very things we miss.

The money that shows up out of nowhere, right when you need it

The rain that holds off until you have finished planting your rose hedge (Thanks God!)

The work that comes in right on time, just as bills come due

The friend who delivers a meal on the very day you needed it most

These are everyday miracles

Do you recognize them?

If we are constantly trying to accomplish everything on our own, not only do we miss out on what He can and does do in our lives, but also get in the  way of the huge supernatural miracles that He wants to do.

Do you need a “feed the 5000 with 2 loaves” moment in your life?  He desires to give it to you. Maybe what you need to do is nothing. Stand back and let Him work.

It may not always look as we expect or would like it to, but if we can keep our eyes open I believe we will see the everyday miracles, and then the supernatural ones aren’t far behind.

I don’t know about you, but that gives me HOPE.

Did you like this post? There are 28 more to come in October. Whew! that is going to be a lot of writing for me, and reading for you.  I promise to try to keep some short, some sweet, but all inspirational to go out and offer some hope to the world around you.

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…by moonlight ~ novel except

by moonlight

Here is the next installment for my novel in progress.  The chapter is called “by moonlight” and this excerpt is the second half of it.

Again, keep in mind that it is a first draft [spew on the page], and also not complete. This particular piece is a few chapters down from the last piece that I posted.  My plan is to post small pieces till the rough draft is complete.  I hope that you enjoy the pieces that I put up, they are meant to give you a bit of insight into the story itself, and the characters.

awakening coverr

-we are about two thirds of the way through the first book, in a three book series entitled  “lightbearers” 🙂


…by moonlight

Discussion at the table was pretty much what Akira had expected. More questions about why she was on the side of the mountain in the first place, and about the decree of the council concerning her whereabouts at all times.
“By the way,” her father asked. “Where did you go today after the council meeting? I looked for you.” Her father sat staring at her intently. She felt his knowing eyes boring into her.
Akira didn’t want to lie to him again, so she simply said, “I was with Mairwen. She was concerned about what happened, and wanted to hear the story.
“Of course she did. Talk has already begun about the stairway that you found. I’m sure she wanted to hear all about it first hand.” He smiled then, seemingly satisfied with her story. She spent most of her days with Mairwen, so he wouldn’t question its validity. The small pang in her heart bothered her. Even though this was truth, it wasn’t all of it. But if her father was part of the problem in Marmaron, she didn’t want to alert him to any of the plans she and Mairwen had made with Fionn.
He continued conversationally in between bites, “They were out there within the hour, breaking down the boulders surrounding the opening of the stairway in order to fill it in. No one will be using it again. Not soon anyway,” he added, then looked up at me for a reaction. None. Satisfied, he continued. “Why anyone would want to go out there in the first place, I cannot fathom. What were you thinking Akira?”
He sat waiting for her to answer, and when she didn’t he raised an eyebrow in question.
“Oh, did you want me to answer that? I thought it was rhetorical.” She left it at that, returning her gaze to the food on her plate, picking through it as though it were an interesting creature to be observed instead of consumed.
“Well, let’s not have anymore trouble. This was enough excitement for all involved.” Her father looked tired, and totally done with this situation. They all sat, quiet.
Akira’s mother, uncomfortable with the awkward silence, changed the subject to what had happened at the infirmary that day. One of the travelers that recently returned, was having an especially difficult time healing. It had been several days, and he was still unconscious. Speculation was that he had encountered a particularly difficult strain of sickness that his body was not equipped to handle, and the healers were not able to eradicate. This was a huge concern, for it was not common that the healers were so ineffective, and encountering something lethal like this put everyone at risk.
“If we are unable to revive him,” she continued, “steps may be taken to suspend all traveling indefinitely –  until we can figure out what is going on.”
This proclamation hit Akira in the gut. This is what Fionn had feared, what the prophecy had foretold. If the people walked away from their purpose, they would all reap the consequences. She couldn’t let this happen. Someone was going to have to set them straight. Stand up and fight for what was right. She stopped chewing then, put her fork down and sat up, looking straight into their eyes.          “Isn’t that what they are supposed to do though?” she asked carefully. “Their choice to travel and bring hope doesn’t have anything to do with their own safety, does it?” “I thought that it was understood to be a dangerous calling, but one that was necessary.”
Akira sat with her hands in her lap, fidgeting with her clothing. She knew that questioning the council’s choices was equal to treason, but she could not stop the words from coming. Surely her father would allow her that; questions.
Both of her parents stopped eating then and looked at each other with fearful gazes. Her mother pressed her lips thin, and diverted her eyes. An unspoken conversation had taken place, and Akira wondered which side of the line each of them lie. Her father spoke first.
“Akira,” he said gently. “You are correct, theoretically. It’s all great to say that you would give your life for another. Like your grandmother did,” he added. He paused here, remembering his mother, and sadness reached up and touched his face. Blinking it away, he continued.

“But when you begin to see the effects on those doing the giving, especially when it is someone that you love, you begin to see things differently. You become possessive of their presence in your life, and it is difficult to give that up. Is another’s life more important than the one who is giving theirs up? It is a question that we have all had to ask at one time or another. Most people will willingly give their lives for someone they love, but for someone who doesn’t deserve that sacrifice? It becomes a little more complicated. The end does not seem to justify the means.” There was hurt in his words, and remembering. Akira wondered if he held anger toward the boy whom had been the subject of his mothers sacrifice.
And his words seemed like wisdom to her ears, but her heart was screaming foul. If not us – for them, then who. Who would they have to show them hope and light and life? How would they ever leave the despair of their circumstance behind? She understood his ache for a loved one, she ached for her grandmother everyday, but it did not justify a decision that would pervert their lives and lead them away from obedience to the Creator.

No. Someone was going to have to put a stop to this. If it meant her banishment, then so be it. But for now, she needed to arm herself with more information, learn and fill in the gaps that were missing. She needed a crash course in how to use her gifts, and retrieving the scroll seemed to be the place to start.
Akira excused herself from the table. She was worn from the day and was badly in need of rest. Both her body and her mind seemed to be reeling from all that had happened, and it was screaming for sleep.  As Akira lay on her cot, her mind would not rest.
Her eyes were closed when her mother checked on her, then shut the door again, but Akira was more awake than she had ever been before.

A strength was rallying inside of her that she could not squelch. She didn’t want to. And as the moon rose in the night sky and its light illuminated her room, she rose and walked to the window. She looked briefly back at the closed door, and hoped that her parents would someday understand what she knew she had to do. Then grabbing her pack and swinging it across her shoulders, she climbed out of the window and into the moonlit night.



friday: fiction in fifteen ~ “hope feels”

hope feelshttp://wp.me/p45h2I-6qc “Hope sees the Invisible, Feels the Intangible, and achieves the Impossible.”

a great big thank you to paul militaru who takes such wonderful and inspiring pictures! Check out his site at the link above!

So – five minutes is just not long enough to write a creative short piece of fiction….for me anyway! I just love to create short pieces based on pictures; to contemplate what is going on between the lines. I would love to see what you have written during our friday ficiton segments.  Send me a message or post it in the comments..  Write for 5 or 15 – your choice! the point is to keep inspired and writing! Here is my story:

“Hope Feels”

by: lisa evola

I looked through the frost etched window at the shivering bird perched upon the ledge of my prison.

My prison. One of my own making really. I had been given choices. Choices to do the right thing, to admit my error and therefore join with the rest of the group in what they considered playful respite. I didn’t want it; the playfulness. I preferred instead to wallow in my misfortune, to breathe the frigid air of separation and guilt. I chose to sit, exposed and trembling, much like the sparrow outside the window now.

Like me, he has lost hope. He is unable to see the possibility of shelter all around him.  Shelter that would certainly thaw the blood slowing in his veins, that which would save the life so precariously balanced on that ledge. Life has a way of doing that; driving hope from an open wound in the heart. And so I close it up tight, so that not even a fractured ray can penetrate it. Then sit staring out, blinded to the light reflected there, the light that could achieve the impossible. Seeing only what my stony heart sees, which is but cold, icy frost covering all that I had once known as good.

I see the shivering sparrow. I see it still; its downy feathers puffed out to the elements, protectively encompassing his soon to be stony heart. Like mine. And a single tear runs down my cheek, the first in months. The tear clears a path through the skin, washing away the smudges left by careless word and deed. And a trail of heat is left, warming what is beneath. I touch my finger carefully to the tear, and as I pull it away from my face, more come. At first just a few, but then a river flows, ever widening the chasm. It washes my face, my heart – my soul. And as the tears soundlessly pour, I crank open the casement and reach for the tiny frozen sparrow. He does not resist my warm hands, but sits shaking intermittently in them.

Tucking him inside the opening of my sweatshirt, I coo, tears still falling. Falling from me to the bird at my breast, each drop causing him to flinch, then still again. Then he sees it, as I do too. The invisible. The intangible. The tears that would achieve the impossible.

To feel again.