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Moving forward

write-31-days-buttonWhen I originally sat down to start drawing the pictures that eventually became 31 days of coloring HOPE, I had no idea it would become a book. The process of creating has always been just something that I did in the extra moments of my day. But as the pictures began to appear on the page, and the words with them, I knew that it would not be something that I could keep to myself.

This world needs HOPE

It needs to see that even in the midst of the chaos that is increasingly the norm, there is something there that can be a foundation for us to hold to, that no matter what, that foundation will remain steady while everything around it moves, and changes, and crumbles. That constant is God. He always has been, and always will be. There isn’t anything that will ever change that. And I don’t know about you, but I find that to be a comforting thought. It brings me hope that there is something immovable that loves me –and that too will never change.

Sharing the hope we have, is like giving life to a dying world.

Moving forward in the days to come, I would love to explore with you the ways that we can share this hope, how we might change the world around us with all of the creative things that we have been equipped with.

Now that October is over, and Write31 Days completed, we are back to a more laid back posting experience. Monday’s will bring new thoughts, experiences, and maybe even a couple of giveaways. I hope that you enjoyed the last 31 days of exploring and coloring words of HOPE.

If you are interested in sharing  hope, please visit the book page to purchase a physical copy as well as downloads, bookmarks, postcards or a boxed set of cards to color.

Now for the big winner!  I promised to give away the whole set of cards that were colored for this series of posts by the author – me 🙂

Congratulations: Virginia Cradlebaugh! Thank you for all of your awesome comments and for spending time with me this month. I hope that you will stick around and explore the creative side of faith with us beginning next Monday. You will receive an email from me shortly to set up where to send your cards.

Thank you all for your presence over the last month.  It was an honor to share with you:)



Concerning Epic Failure – Write 31:Day 19

graceclick here to download pdf of this picture

GRACE means that even when we fail, we are accepted by God. His love for us won’t allow anything less. It is all you need. When you are weak – He is strong. {2 Corinthians 12:9}

Graceful I am not.

Yet as I pirouetted on the stair to set the baby gate in place before continuing down, my socks slid out from under me. And I couldn’t help but admire the beauty of which my feet hung suspended in the air, before plummeting down the remainder in a final bloody heap. You know the moment – the one that seems to go on forever as you anticipate what comes next. Arms flailing in windmills around your sides, like some cartoon character from the 70’s in an effort to keep the inevitable from becoming reality.

Epic failure

Somedays I can’t even walk without failing. This reality hits me like a ton of bricks (or a hardwood floor as the case may be) and takes all the air from my lungs. As I struggle to breathe, sucking at the floating molecules that surround me, my mind floats through ways I could have and should have avoided this situation.

Anger is a part of it:

If I didn’t have to….

If it weren’t for….

Blame peppers my thoughts, and then my lungs expand to take in the life-giving substance that has been eluding my grasp. I look up into the faces above me, concern etched on the face of my family, and feel wet slide across my cheeks from none other than the two culprits of my demise.

And all of the anger and blame fades

Their genuine love and concern for me has melted my resolve and instead I embrace their offerings of apology and extend a bit of grace.

The way I see it, this is an illustration of the beauty of God’s GRACE for his children.

We fail epically

Our failure causes anger in a righteous God

We offer our sincere regret and love

God’s grace flows like a river

Many would like me to say that He doesn’t even get angry, that grace comes before the apology, but isn’t He a righteous God?  Isn’t our all too human behavior what keeps us separated? Yes, His grace abounds – but isn’t an action required here?  Even if it is simply to say I’m sorry?

I often struggle with the topic of grace

The dictionary in my NIV says that it is “God’s free unmerited favor for sinful humanity”. Free – hmmm. But isn’t there a line there somewhere?  If we could keep doing whatever we like without feeling disfavor, without ever having to say “I’m sorry”, why would we work toward being better?

Maybe I just don’t understand how loving God really is.

I know that his love is unconditional, but I also know that He wants us to be restored, to live righteously and to become the holy people He needs us to be. How do we do that if we never feel displeasure? If it were that easy, there wouldn’t be a narrow path. It would be wide and everyone would be doing it.

But they aren’t

God’s grace is beautiful. It is our strength when we are weak, our hand-up when we fail, and our HOPE when we just can’t see any. I think God loves so much that He sits suspended above  looking for a way to change the inevitable. He knows we’re going down, and He knows why. But He also sees the beauty of our struggle and knows that without grace, that beauty will become just another statistic in a long list of them.

So I choose grace. To receive. To give. To embrace as I fall – like the lifeline that it is.

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As a little added bonus: All comments on the write 31 days posts will be entered to win all of the colored cards for this series. These are colored by hand (by me :)and ready to give. Winner will be announced in November. Good luck 🙂

Don’t forget to click on the picture at the top of the page to download the pdf version of the GRACE picture.  Color it and share, or enjoy yourself.

God bless your day!

TRUTH – Write 31:Day 10

truth(download and color this image!)

“Truth is the foundation for a well-balanced life. Growing in faith requires that we seek the truths of God, feeding our souls with true nourishment.”  {1 Timothy 4:6}


That is what I saw from my precarious perch at the top of the hill, two slick slices of fiberglass strapped to my feet, rendering them for the most part immobile. A silent fear slid into my stomach, but I pushed it away as I pointed the tips of my skis downhill and slipped over the edge.

Truth is I never should have been there to begin with.  I hadn’t been on skis in years, many more than I even care to think about. Add to that knee surgery and many unwanted pounds, and you have a recipe for disaster.

But I formed a new truth in my mind: “You can do this!  How hard could it be? There are toddlers skiing down this hill.” This new truth, although making for an exciting afternoon, only served to nudge me in a direction that I shouldn’t have been going. A course that I wasn’t prepared for. Icy conditions complicated an already tenuous prospect, but I was determined to do it my way.

The day ended in a blown out knee – my bad. I knew better, and yet…..

How often do we balance on that precarious edge of life, looking down at the icy slopes that we know we should avoid, and yet begin the trek with the truth staring us in the face? What will it take for us to look that truth in the eye and heed its warning?

The truths of God will give us a solid foundation for a well-balanced life. Our own truths, the ones we create ourselves and want to believe? Not so much. These “truths” more often than not, take us to a place of injury and pain, and honestly, I’ve had enough pain.

I’m ready to loose the straps of my truths in favor of strapping on God’s truths. Then, I know for sure the slope will be balanced and safe, keeping me from harm and giving me HOPE for the journey ahead.

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As a little added bonus: All comments on the write 31 days posts will be entered to win all of the colored cards for this series. These are colored by hand and ready to give. Winner will be announced in November. Good luck 🙂

Don’t forget to click on the picture at the top of the page to download the pdf version of the TRUTH picture.  Color it and share, or enjoy yourself.

God bless your day!

Write 31 Days of October


Are you joining in?

Whether you are a writer or a reader, the Write 31 Days activity can be incredibly fulfilling. Join me as I extend a bit of hope using picture,  video, song and a little bit of art.

Each day will feature a word picture from my recently published coloring book 31 Days of Coloring HOPE, for you to download, color and share with someone in your life. Whether you have purchased the book or not, this will be an extraordinary experience for the reader, the artist, or seeker.

You may print off as many as you like, to color and give away, but you may not assemble them for resale. The pictures will be available for the month of October only.

Please know my heart here

This is for you to color and keep, or share with those who need to experience hope.  If you feel so inclined to purchase a copy of my book, know that all of the proceeds from it will purchase more books as well as colored pencils to be given to shelters, rehabs, hospitals, and other places that offer hope to those who need it, free of charge. Please consider joining me in an effort to offer hope to the world through word and color.  You can find the links for purchase here.

I look forward to your comments each day. They offer hope to me as an artist, that there are others out there that care as I do.

I hope that you will all join me.

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with a hopeful heart,


the Virtual Party begins Tomorrow!

National Coloring Book Day

Join our National Coloring Book Day Virtual Party!

There will be giveaways, downloads, and pricing specials for the newly released coloring book, 31 Days of Coloring HOPE. This is an author sponsored event and takes place on the author’s website from 8:00am through 8:00pm with something new happening every two hours. Registration is not required, but signing up for the feed will ensure that you don’t miss anything.

Can’t wait to “see” you there!

Here are the festivities that are scheduled: Eastern time zone

8:00–10:00   Short fiction read + choose the ending challenge for a prize (full set of 31 days bookmarks)

10:00–12:00       Coloring Challenge – download and color the page created just for this event. Upload your picture to the events facebook page, or share on pinterest and Instagram using #31daysofcoloringHOPE. Every participant will receive a downloadable bookmark of their choice to color

12:00–2:00        Purchase the pdf download of the book ($4.99) and receive a free download of 31 postcards. These are the same pictures from the book, but as postcards so that you can mail them out to your friends! Every purchase is a winner!

2:00-4:00           Inktense tutorial and purchase perk – come and see how these amazing watercolor pencils work.  You will love the vibrancy with which they shade in your drawings. Use of a blender pen will also be discussed in this short video tutorial. The purchase perk for this block of time is a free limited edition print with any purchase. Choose from a physical book, the pdf download or the 31 days of bookmarks.

4:00-6:00          Buy 1 get 1 free!  Buy a 31 Days coloring book and receive a second free to give away to a friend. That is what it is all about, encouraging others to find HOPE.

6:00-8:00          $5 book sale – For these two hours only I will be offering 3 Days of Coloring HOPE for only $5 plus shipping ($2.60) This is $3.99 off of the list price. Order here on my website, or on the Amazon page here: 31DAYS

All-Day         Leave a comment, share a post, invite a friend to the party and you will be entered for a free copy of 31 Days of Coloring HOPE.

I hope that you enjoy all of the fun activities.  Participate in one…or all. I am excited to see all of the creative genius out there today.

Hope to see you then!