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When THANKFUL isn’t so easy – Write 31:Day 21

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In everything, there is a purpose. Each and every moment of this life that we live gives us a chance to be THANKFUL regardless of the outcome. For we know that God is working out blessings for us. {Philippians 4:6}

Everyone helped

Prayers were lifted.  Interventions were made. Yet the problem persisted.

It didn’t look good.

Nothing we did seemed to matter. The doctors said it was simply too late.

“But Lord, didn’t you say that whatever we asked for in your name, we would receive?”

We’ve asked. Pled even. But to no avail.

This is the point where some begin to doubt. –The goodness of God. His promises. Whether it is all just a sham. And I understand their doubts.

It is easy to sit there and hold firm when tragedy and loss haven’t crossed your threshold. To say all of the platitudes that Christians say in such situations:

“God has a plan.”

“Our ways are not His ways.”

“He will use this for good.”

“Lean on Him and He will give you strength.”

But when it is your threshold that has been breached, you don’t want to hear these things. All you can think of is how this is affecting you, how it’s not fair. How God’s not fair.

You wouldn’t be the first to think it, and you certainly won’t be the last.

When hopelessness strikes, how can you be thankful? For that is what we are supposed to be, right? Thankful in everything?

We don’t understand.  Our human minds can’t comprehend the things of God. We don’t see infinitely, nor do we even see tomorrow.

God does.

He knows.


This is where that faith everyone talks about comes in. Trusting that He is a loving God, that His interests are for our good, and that He loves us too much to leave us where we are. Sometimes, whether we see it or not, the tragedies of life are just the thing that we need. Sometimes, they are what gets us to move from point a, to point b. In hindsight it can be seen.  I’ve born witness to this many times though out my life – looking back.

But in the midst of it all, the only thing we have sometimes is the knowledge that one day we will see what we cannot now. One day we will look through the lens of hindsight and see the necessity of it all.

Being THANKFUL in all situations doesn’t mean that we are happy about them. It doesn’t mean we agree with how everything is going down. And it certainly doesn’t mean that we would willingly choose to go through it.

Being THANKFUL simply means that we recognize that God is a good God, that He loves us, and that we know in the end, whether we can see it or not, something good will come from it all, and we are happy that He is on our side.

We may not want to hear them in those moments – the platitudes, but knowing their truth can be the very thing to get you through. And that is what gives us HOPE.

Find a way to be thankful today. In the good. In the difficult. In the tragic.

Because He loves you

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God bless your day!