31 Days of Coloring HOPE {Write 31 Days Challenge}


Welcome to the Write 31 Days Challenge!

For the whole month of October, I will be writing a post each day highlighting one of the Words from my new coloring book: 31 Days of Coloring HOPE.

Each day in October I will feature one page from my new coloring book. You will be able to download the pages for personal coloring by clicking on the picture itself. Color and keep, or give them away to encourage someone you know. but please do not mass produce as the proceeds from the sale of this book enables me to purchase personal copies that I, in turn, give away to shelters, rehab facilities and other places that offer hope to the hopeless. If you would like to purchase a copy or two =:) you can get that at Amazon here, or purchase the download on my book page here. The purchase of the complete download allows unlimited copy making  for personal use, but not for distribution.

Leave a comment on any of the posts in this series and be entered for a chance to win all of the colored cards (colored by me 🙂 to keep or give away.  Winner will be announced in November.

Write 31 Days Challenge Line-up:

colored hopeOctober 1: Hope



patience-2October 2: Patience



miracles-2October 3: Miracles



2giftsOctober 4: Gifts



2wisdomOctober 5: Wisdom



2dreamsOctober 6: Dreams



2trustOctober 7: Trust



2courageOctober 8: Courage



2respectOctober 9: Respect



2truthOctober 10: Truth



2followOctober 11: Follow



2purposeOctober 12: Purpose



love-colorOctober 13: Love



2growOctober 14: Grow



colored promiseOctober 15: Promise



2quietOctober 16: Quiet



2prayerOctober 17: Prayer



alway-colorOctober 18: Always



2graceOctober 19: Grace



2centerOctober 20: Center



2thankfulOctober 21: Thankful



2passionOctober 22: Passion



2perseveranceOctober 23: Perseverance



2futureOctober 24: Future



2joyOctober 25: Joy



2choicesOctober 26: Choices



2faithOctober 27: Faith



2hospitalityOctober 28: Hospitality



2believeOctober 29: Believe



2listenOctober 30: Listen



2generousOctober 31: Generous


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